Spam, Spam, Spam

It’s amazing really, how obvious it is to everyone else that I am in urgent need of more tramodol, viagra, Louis Vuitton bags, Russian brides, anti-ageing everything, and any number of fake Rolexes. Judging by the spam, I really need an armful of those.

I was especially impressed by the spam from “internet marketing attorney” which was 11,111 words long. Honest. I wonder if that was deliberate.

As you may have gathered, I’ve just been wading through the spam filter on WordPress to see if it had caught any real comments by mistake (it hadn’t). It does happen, though only rarely. Perhaps half a dozen ever, that I’m aware of. On the other side of the balance, I just went through over 800 bits of genuine spam that it had caught before they got posted, so I’m fairly impressed by its efficiency.

One thing that did surprise me though was a single piece of 40K-specific spam. Not advertising 40K, but a whole post probably ripped from BoLS or Warseer about artificer armour and how it should be best used. And, unusually for spam, it was written coherently and by a native English speaker (hence my suspicion it was just cut & pasted). I suppose that every niche will get its own spam in time.

I remember the good old days before gaming spam…

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3 Responses to Spam, Spam, Spam

  1. Careful Jake, the PC brigade will be hounding at your door about your insinuation that spammers are not native English Speakers! lol

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