Hordes… Again

As part of my quest to clear out some of the many games, models and associated gubbins that has accumulated in my study over the years I’ve been following a little of my own advice (from one of my Ravage articles). If you haven’t read it, this basically involves breaking down the stuff in the piles into things that are definitely going, definitely staying, and somewhere in the middle. You then look focus on the middle lot, giving them a last chance game to help you decide if you need to.

Dire Troll MaulerYesterday a friend of mine ran me through Hordes again as part of this. I’ve played Warmachine and Hordes on and off (mostly off) since they came out and among other forces have had at least 3 Khador armies at one stage or another, selling them off in turn each time I drifted away from the game. I currently have a bunch of small forces for various factions and was wondering whether I should put in the investment of time and money to actually make something useful out of them and relearn the game, or whether I should cut my losses and dump the lot.

The local gaming group includes quite a few Homachine players, which is one positive, and I’ve always quite enjoyed its brute simplicity of purpose. The drawback for me is partly some ugly models, but mainly that it’s hard to play competently when your opponents play more often, and given my non-playtesting gaming time that’s everyone. That makes it virtually impossible to win, and I’m not impressed with the idea of spending a lot of time and money on something so that I can only lose with. So, I needed to decide whether the plusses outweighed the negatives. The best way was to play again.

The Trollbloods were the most assembled set of figures I had so we ran a small game with them against my mate’s mercs. These coin-powered soldiery were Grundback and his diddy-bots, with one slightly larger friend. I had Madrak with a Mauler and an Axer. Like I said, only a little game, but enough to get the feel.

gorten-grundback-battlegroupWell much smashing of stuff later I finally killed the pesky stunty, which was gratifying though about my third attempt. I’m sure Sam let me win 😉

Anyway, it reminded me how much I enjoy the style of game, so I’ve decided to keep at least some of it for the moment. I should probably give it 6 months, because if I don’t get it on the table and do something with it in that time then I’m really just kidding myself. I like the idea, I’ve always liked the idea, I just haven’t got the time or the space to keep every game I like.

My next question is which faction(s) to keep?

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31 Responses to Hordes… Again

  1. Ben says:

    You should definitely not keep the Trollbloods and in fact should sell them off very cheaply, perhaps to someone who has commented on this blog post.

    In unrelated news, I won a Trollblood gargantuan last week….

  2. James maz marsden says:

    Entirely depends on what you like.

    I have a fairly ridiculous Khador army, i was at one point on a quest to own at least one of every khador unit but i gave that up.

    I also have Gatorman minions, i do actually have obe of every unit for these guys, but there is much less available

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Yup. The mercs and minions are much smaller ranges and grow slower too.

      • James Maz Marsden says:

        i keep thinking i should get rid of my khador for the dwarves but i think i’m just after something different

        so i’ve started looking at Heavy Gear Arena, but i’m going to hold off until the deadzone kickstarter before i buy anything

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Are the dwarfs so different? Slow and heavily armoured applies to both and dictates a fair share of their tactics. Everblight, now that would be a change of pace.

        • James Maz Marsden says:

          true but Khador has plenty of fast support pieces and spells to make things zip around faster than you’d give them credit for.

          I doubt i will get rid of the K, i’m just daunted by the amount of stuff i have and still have to paint i think.

          Also, everblight suck 🙂

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Everblight suck? Not round here they don’t. The strongest player we have uses them and he’s very, very dangerous.

        • James Maz Marsden says:

          call it personal preference,

          im not sold on their fluff, or many of the models, or play style.

          if ever a faction was not for me, it Everblight 😀

        • fiendil says:

          Strongest player? Jake, you’ve not met Felix. I’m not sure who would win most often, head to head, of him and Mr B. Very different playstyles (one assassinates with Legion, the other bricks up with Menoth), but both very dangerous, and I think I’ve beaten Mr B more than I’ve beaten Felix.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          I’m sure there are plenty of stronger players than RB in the world, but as I haven’t met them…

          Is it a coincidence that RB has Menoth as his second string?

        • fiendil says:

          Aye, but Felix is local. He’d have been up to the club by now if it weren’t for the accessibility of public transport…

        • Quirkworthy says:

          That’s what you say. I say he’s a figment of your overstimulated imagination…

  3. Andy Frazer says:

    NEVER SELL!!! You need to covet the minis, arrange them in a pile, then lay on them in a dragon costume or buy a jewellers eyepiece, then sit examining them in minute detail, illuminated only by flickering candlelight, as your beard grows ever-longer.

    But in all seriousness, I’m in the same boat. I’ve got a huge crate full of every Warmachine faction (bar the new Cyriss stuff) and Hordes, all bar the Circle… which I sold to a friend.
    Why did I sell? Well, I just didn’t like them. I wasn’t interested in collecting any more of them and the new models that were being produced just didn’t do it for me.

    The other factions, I use for demo games. So, even if I’m not too keen on them, they get an outing when I go to a club for a WM/H day. It’s very easy to get new players into a game, when you bring small forces for 7 different factions, rather than 2.

    It’ll also help you get rid of the ones you’re not so interested in. Take small forces to your local club. Run demo games. See who’s interested. Then flog them the faction they like that you don’t… now you’ve got rid of some extra minis and generated a new player with a decent starter force.

    To everyone out there… this works for any game!

    If you’re looking to get some new players for your favourite game, buy another faction/team/whatnot (make sure it’s one you like though, just in case) and take it to your local club… then sell it to an interested party… instant new player with ready to roll collection!

  4. Ben says:

    “forces for 7 different factions, rather than 2”

    Seven forces for all the games I play = the dream 🙂

  5. fiendil says:

    Jake, you never said which factions you actually currently have stuff for. Trolls, Khador, (an urge for CoC,) who else?

  6. davekay says:

    “Homachine”? Round here it’s known as ‘Warmahordes’. However I am meeting my gaming buddies at our club this sunday and shall arrive prepared to deploy the phrase ‘Homachine’. I shall report back on their facial expressions!

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