Down Among The Dead Men

Like I said: a busy week.

Today was spent recording for a series of Deadzone videos. Appropriately enough we ended up shooting in some semi-derelict warehouse space where they store coffins. Seriously.

Video day 1 smallThis is James Hewitt doing his bit. I’ve finished my first stint and am supposed to be writing up a script for the afternoon’s shoot. James wins his Scout badge for spotting me. Nobody else has noticed yet…

Tonight is more playtesting.

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4 Responses to Down Among The Dead Men

  1. nathan payne says:

    All very interesting, waiting to here more 🙂

  2. Gareth says:

    I am very excited about Deadzone. I love Mantic’s products, especially Dreadball, so much fun. I would love to see a terrain pack or terrain included (similar to Necromunda)… Eagerly awaiting more news and the Kickstarter! 😀

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