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DZ2 FAQ up

This has gone live on the Mantic download page.

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With the unexpected arrival of the Deadzone beta, I’ve been a little sidetracked into answering the questions on that thread. This is fine – after all, that’s why the thread is up in the first place. However, it might make … Continue reading

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Deadzone Redux Movement

Another little snippet from the current version of DZR. I’ve added a Speed stat to the models. This is a way of including a lot more variation in the model’s rate of movement, and doing so very simply. Speed is … Continue reading

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Deadzone Redux Command Dice

I’ve shown a few pics of us playtesting DZR recently, and you may have noticed some bespoke D6s we’ve had lying around. So far, nobody guessed quite what they are, though there have been some fun suggestions. Today I thought I’d explain … Continue reading

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DZR In Action

Showed some more folk how to play the new DZR last night over at Mantic. One game was Pathfinders against Veer-myn, the other Plague against Enforcers. I didn’t get a lot of pics of the Pathfinders/Veer-myn game as that was … Continue reading

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Playing Deadzone Redux

Just sorting out some tweaks before I go and play DZR with the latest iteration of the rules (and some new victims to try them on). Been tinkering with the missions again, and have a new trick to try out. I … Continue reading

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Cards in Deadzone Redux

I’ve had a few queries about cards in the upcoming Deadzone Redux, so I thought I’d answer them here by explaining my current thinking on the topic. When we started looking at updating the rules, I read a lot of … Continue reading

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Deadzone Redux Army Building

I answered a question on this in the comments of an earlier post. However, knowing how often these things get missed, I thought I’d pull it out and make it a post for everyone to see. We’re not done with … Continue reading

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Deadzone Redux

Deadzone Redux, or DZR to its friends, is the current name for the updated and improved version of Deadzone. I’ve been working on DZR for a few months now, and it’s still being tested so there’s not much in the way of detail I … Continue reading

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Interesting Visit

Back from my meeting with Ronnie at Mantic. We had a fun game of the new Deadzone, and I managed to snaffle an early copy of Dungeon Saga. It wouldn’t fit in my backpack. Anyone watching Ronnie’s FaceBook page will … Continue reading

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