Dropzone Commander Review: Card City

Just got myself a copy of the new card city board terrain from Hawk Wargames. It’s a much bigger box than I was expecting and quite heavy.

DzC card city box

You can see how big it is from the grey 25mm slotta base I’ve conveniently left on the right, for scale. Yes, you get everything you see on the front in a single box. That’s a 6×4 table in the cover shot.

DzC card city 2

There’s loads of buildings and base sections inside, just as advertised, and they easily fold up into the buildings. You’ll see them in my next battle report. Note that the buildings are all pre-cut and scored so they fold up easily and quickly. I’ll be using double sided tape to fix mine, but you could at a pinch leave them unglued so they folded flat again after a game.

DzC card city spread 2The summary is that it’s a great deal for a table full of scenery. If you play the game (and haven’t won the lottery to buy the resin equivalent) then this is a really good investment and will get you a great looking table to play on with a fraction of the cost in time and effort of either the print and play or resin options. If you haven’t already got an alternative and want to play just go and get it. You won’t find a cheaper alternative of this quality for the price.

A very good move from Hawk.

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7 Responses to Dropzone Commander Review: Card City

  1. MP7VRN says:

    Thank you for this review. I’ve been following Hawk games for some time now, and must admit their product is really good quality stuff, especially for a one-man-band company. To add to this, similar set of buildings could be downloaded from their website and printed for free. However the look of those printed houses inspires.

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  3. Jason Jackowski says:

    Could you put a Battetech Mech or similar figure next to a building for a sense of scale?

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