Salute 2013 – After Action Report

Salute logoAll safely returned from Salute now. Thought I’d post up a few thoughts and thanks while it was fresh in my mind. I didn’t have a camera, and rather than just nick photos I’ll point you at: this as a starting point. I’m sure your Google-fu can conjure up plenty more. Also, keep an eye on Beasts of War, and an ear on Meeples & Miniatures 🙂

Firstly, a big thanks to all the Mantic Pathfinders who helped to make the Mantic stand so much of a success. With those guys running demos and helping customers out I was free to talk to people about DreadBall, Deadzone and DKH4 – and that’s what I was really there for. Couldn’t have done it without them.

jason1I’d also like to congratulate the Warlords on a great show. This year there was a really happy and positive atmosphere from everyone I spoke to, both trade and customer alike. That made the whole thing far more fun for me personally. I’ve been to other shows in the past where all the traders are glum and the customers are bored. They’re no fun to be at. Salute 2013 was hectic, but chilled and happy, which was heartening.

There also seemed to be a load of new stuff, even more so than usual, and a really creative and inventive sense to what was going on. Laser cutting is still growing as are other intriguing options, but there were also just loads of new models and games. Even things like Da Clash were there, with their staff dressed like Nacho Libre, even though their Indiegogo campaign is still running. Their video is amusing even if you don’t pledge 🙂

I spent most of my time around the Mantic stand, explaining the current state of Deadzone, how the rules worked (and why), what would be in the box, how the 3D terrain system fitted together, and so on. However, I did also get a chance to run about a little. Said hi to Ian at Fenris Games who’s been brilliant helping me out with my obscure requests for clear bases. I could only stop for a moment, but their stand had a load of figures on. I never realised they made so many and will have to look at their site again. I spotted at least one figure I might need.

I also…

  • …popped over to the Foundry stand where they were selling God of Battles and all things historical. This was the first time Foundry had been back at Salute for many years and it all seemed to be going pretty well for them.
  • …chatted with Paul from Ax Faction about his latest figures and voted for which one should be next. He’s another very talented chap who spends his spare time providing cool toys for eager gamers.
  • …met Gary Chalk whose art I’d been admiring since I was a stripling. A cheerful fellow and an amusing conversation about all manner of gaming nonsense. He’s still sketching away and working on all sorts of publishing and game related projects. He showed me some excellent pieces for a current project that was laced with nostalgia both for subject and style. I think we’ll be seeing more from him soon.
  • …sought out Mike Thorp, the inventor/designer/sculptor behind the World of Twilight. A lovely chap with a great attitude. I’m always surprised that I don’t see more about his game around the web. At least in part as my tiny attempt to rectify that, you should be seeing some on Quirkworthy soon.
  • …spoke to Dave from Hawk Wargames about Dropzone Commander. I had a couple of questions and he was able to explain. Firstly the three levels of terrain they’ve got planned don’t include the free pdf sets (meaning that there’s one we haven’t seen yet). They’ll stay, but there will be 3 more types. The ones I looked at briefly will be the cheapest ones, the multi-part resins are the top level and the remaining middle ground is yet to be released. He was very busy, but I did also ask him about the split hull issue on the Junos. It’s clearly a criticism he’s heard before and they might well change it in due course. Not an immediate fix, but at least we know they’re aware. Apparently it was something to do with the original plan being to cast them in metal.
  • …had a chat with Christian from Tabletop Insider and Brückenkopf Online. His English is so much better than my German that I forget where he’s from. He’s very well informed about the European gaming scene and as always I picked up some intriguing new tidbits of gossip 🙂
  • …rambled on about Deadzone to Warren from Beasts of War when they passed by on their “gridwalk”. No less than 3 cameras this time – I didn’t know where to look! I do hope it makes some sort of sense when they finish editing it.
  • …spoke to length to Neil from Meeples & Miniatures about DZ and various other bits. I forget exactly what. Accidentally went on for 19 minutes when he asked me for 5. Sorry Neil. That’s what editing’s all about 😉
  • …did other stuff I forgot.

Yes, I had a busy day.

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6 Responses to Salute 2013 – After Action Report

  1. nathan payne says:

    sounds like you had a great day jake nice one.

  2. Ben says:

    Good to see Mantic make the effort to put some nice eye candy on their stall, but enough about the pathfinders….

    MDF would seem a logical fit between cardstock and resin for terrain. Good news on World of Twilight, I managed to fit in a demo late in the afternoon. It’s a game I’d happily own for the minis and the world even if I never played (which is not to say the game is no good).

  3. Knight of Infinite Resignation says:

    somewhat put off by the ‘cheerleaders’ on the Mantic stand. Seemed like a retrograde step. There is enough sexism in miniature gaming without employing provocatively clad women to stand around.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      You say that, but having spent some time talking to them that wasn’t their view at all. They weren’t being exploited – that’s what they get paid to do. In fact, the person who seemed to cause them the most alarm was one who kept telling them that they were being exploited. They found him creepy and a bit weird. Apart from being a little chilly and slightly bemused by the whole gaming thing they were quite happy.

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