Deadzone Plague Stage 1 Eye Candy


Here’s a close up of one of the signature models of the range – the Stage 1A Plague. Rémy Tremblay’s blog shows him off in great detail with loads of pictures. Surf on over for the full horror!

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4 Responses to Deadzone Plague Stage 1 Eye Candy

  1. Sami Mahmoud says:

    You don’t really have any where that seems an obvious place to post this, but since this post is vaguely about races….someone made this comment:

    In DB campaing Teratons were described like this:
    “Master tacticians, auxiliary fighters and shrewd merchants, Teratons are deep-thinkers and incredibly intelligent, despite their huge size and ponderous movements.”
    I don’t think a “brawler” does them justice. A teraton is probably the smartest being in play in a Deadzone game. They are supposed to be more intelligent then humans.
    Their description would make me think of a tactician or a hi-tech specialist (using superior teraton tecnology) or a teleporting infiltrate or a gadgeteer.
    In fact they could even fit better in a all teraton strike team from the teraton empire with hi-tech shock troops and specialists defending supersmart scientists doing their job.
    If the teratons were rapresented like close combat specialists or brutes it would be a huge step back from DB.

    Off the back of that, I’m curious as to how you see Teraton(s) developing in terms of the sort of roles they’ll play within the game?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I already replied to that in that thread:

      “Very quick note. “Brawler” is a game term for an ability that gives you a bonus in melee. It doesn’t make them dumb. Not at all.”

      • Lee says:

        I replied there too, that this was probably just one type/specialist role. It got me wondering though, do all Reb commanders have to be human? Is there a chance we see a Teraton take the helm to utilize their Master Tactician reputation?

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Plenty of Reb commanders are non-human as are many in their ranks. There’s no particular Rebel bias towards humans, though they are a common enough race.

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