Deadzone Beta Rules Nearly There

Well we’re almost done with the first iteration of the Beta rules. It’s currently being laid out and the cards redone with a lot more info on them. I’ll check through tomorrow first thing when I’ve got less tired eyes and we can make any final tweaks before they go out to you guys.

We’d been hoping to get them up today, but the best laid plans and all that…

So what can you look forward to?

I’ve made a number of small changes that have biggish impacts – I’ll not spoil the fun by telling you them all, but many were suggested on these forums.

The major differences are a revised turn sequence and the addition of Command Values (which drive the card system and also part of the turn sequence). I’ll talk a bit about their game impacts when you have the rules to refer to over the next few days.

The reason this is a Beta rather than an Alpha is because I think the core systems are all sufficiently robust now. They’ve been played a great deal by us and kicked about by you guys too. There are, as always, alternative ways to do every aspect and I’ve tried out the various suggestions that have been made here and elsewhere. Some have been adopted, others ransacked for details and a few abandoned in favour of other methods. Your feedback has been very useful and has helped move us along this far. What it tells me is that the core of the game is sound.

What is not yet in the Beta is a final expanded wording for all the rules. Many could do with additional explanations and diagrams and these will be added in due course, but at present I think it would be better shorter. I’m very conscious that I want people to  read and (even better) play them and get the feel of the game as a whole without worrying too much about every last detail. Changing the turn sequence and adding the CV makes far more difference in play than you might expect, and is an integral part of the way the factions fight and control the battlefield.

I was hoping to get the points values and full army selection into this version, but that’s going to have to wait a few more days. That’ll give you a few more stats and some examples at least from each of the different armies 🙂

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4 Responses to Deadzone Beta Rules Nearly There

  1. PeterB says:

    Great news. The open manner in which Mantic has run this process is one of the things which has given me the confidence to back this project.

  2. KennKong says:

    Very excited to see the next iteration and to giving it a spin. You are doing a great and masterful job, sir.

  3. James 'Maz' Marsden says:

    Haven’t managed to get a game in opf the Alpha but i’m really looking forward to the Beta

  4. Chris Richardson says:

    I played the Alpha and loved how fast the game flowed. I appreciate how fast you provide feedback to questions. I can’t wait to get some time in with the Beta! Good Stuff Jake!

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