Zombies Are Naughty

I’ve lost count how many zombies I’ve killed today. They are a pesky lot, either dying too fast or not fast enough. Still, “dying” is an odd thing for a zombie to do at all.

Yes, I’ve been tinkering with the zombie rules for Deadzone and they’re coming along quite well. At present they still take a bit too long to play through and need more trimming. I think I’ve worked out how to fix that, but I’ll need to play it out a bit more tomorrow to be sure. Sometimes ideas seem really good in theory and fall apart really quickly in practice. Best to try it for real.

Note that these are slow zombies (and they’re not really zombies anyway). If you’re brain’s been mushed by an alien mutagen then I’m thinking that you’ll not be as spry as you might be. Of course, there are up-sides. You’re not bothered by little things like being shot at or injured….

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11 Responses to Zombies Are Naughty

  1. fiendil says:


  2. Matt Grant says:

    I’m pretty stoked to see how this plays. I’ve seen some people make up custom rules and have trouble with the flow, like you suggested, however it was fun to watch. I look forward to seeing more and hope you guys get some vids up on youtube!

    The Southern Yank,

  3. Rich says:

    On that note, do we have any idea if gameplay Vids’s 2 and 3 are ever coming Jake? 🙂

  4. Matt Smith says:

    If the zombies don’t die fast enough, maybe there is room for a knock back or knock down rule, to give a little bit of breathing space… though not too much. Though the flip side could be a zombie pile on rule, your armour might save you initially from an attack, but the sheer weight of clawing zombies will leave you pinned until you get some help or your armour finally gives in.

  5. Can’t wait to play this mode!

  6. killaminis says:

    My mouth is watering at the idea of these new rules, can’t wait to see how these play.

  7. Simon Howard says:

    Ah so the theme tune to the Zombie hordes will be supplied by ChumbaWumba then 😉

  8. Teemu Hemminki says:

    I played through the sole survivor campaign last week and want to thank and congratulate you on making really good and intensive zombie rules (I would like to say best, but these are my first solo zombie experiences.)

    I like it how you have to plan your actions because of the reactions from zombies. Like which units are going to be baits, should I shoot now or after more zombies have been lured away and other tactical decisions like that. But “after the turn” rolls manage to kee zombies nicely unpredictable.

    There are some oddities and missing information, but they’ve been asked on FAQ already and hopefully will get answered soon enough. Although, design concepts like knocking zombies down and them being slow (they will move a lot during single round) seem to have been dropped o_O?

    I’ve disliked the idea of zombies for a long time, thinking them dull and too stupid to pose a threat. I happily stand corrected by these rules 🙂

    PS. I made a campaign report about the sole survivor. There isn’t anything about rules that I haven’t said in this post, but if you are otherwise interested: http://manticforum.com/forum/deadzone/general-discussion-ae/198758-campaign-report-sole-survivor-with-the-rebs

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