Stuff On My Desk

Whilst I was at the Mantic office I noticed that Stew had far too many interesting things on his desk for one chap to cope with, so I helped him out by sharing some of the burden. Now some of the goodies are on my desk instead 🙂


It’s too dark and my lighting setup too mono-directional to get a really good set of pictures, so for the moment I’ll just tease a bit. You’ve seen most of these before, perhaps from a single angle, but it might be nice to take a closer look. There may be some that you haven’t seen up close at all.

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10 Responses to Stuff On My Desk

  1. Andrew says:

    Is that a giant Dreadball ape I see? Perhaps a giant Nameless as well?

  2. Ben Stewart says:

    Giant ape vs Tentacle Monster in the KS was one of the hardest (gaming) choices I’ve had to make. I reckon I’ll pick up the other one in the not too distant future.

  3. I really hope the DEADZONE DEADZONE rebs get a giant ape with a gun instead of a mech.

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  5. Lines says:

    Jake, I’m very sorry to rape your thread. But since you seem to read and post a lot in Deadzone Threads and stoppes posting in Dreadball threads, this seems to be the only place to catch your attention. So, can I kindly ask you to answer some questions that came up in the Dreadball FAQ section? Especially Transform and RI/Foul? Also I think it’s about time to comment on Ironsides Anti-Judwan tactics.
    Again, sorry for using this thread for another game.

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