DreadBall Monkey Business!

Moving swiftly on from aliens with odd limbs we come to the big furry guy. He stands on two feet and a fist and is 49mm or so to the top of his head. As with the others, this is a pre-production version of the model.

To the photos!

Ape front


Ape reach

Ape left

Ape back

Ape right

An imposing chap (or should that be chimp?).

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11 Responses to DreadBall Monkey Business!

  1. killaminis says:

    Very nice. I’d personally like to see a bit more detail on the armor but the rest of the model is Fantastic.

  2. sideofiron says:

    Glad I ordered two of these fellows.

    Any chance of some clue as to how Giants will work? What bonuses we can expect the big players to come with? What limitations?

  3. Birdman says:

    Oh, dammit – he’s awesome! This was the ONE big guy that I left out of my pledge, in an effort to exert at least a modicum of discretion on my spending habits. Guess I’d better do some adjusting when the third survey comes around. Damn you, Jake!

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  5. ilikesanta says:

    Any chance of an all Simian team for Season 4? I think it would be awesome!

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