DreadBall Teraton Team (Beta) Stats

Teraton conceptTeratons are big and tough and have the disconcerting ability to teleport away from trouble. In some games this will come up a lot; in others it will hardly feature. In all games their ability to smush most opponents easily will be a core feature of play. balancing this is their far lesser ability to score quickly. But then, as with all fighty teams, they can always take the view that dead opponents don’t score well either.

Let me know how you get on with them.

Teraton team Beta v1

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89 Responses to DreadBall Teraton Team (Beta) Stats

  1. sideofiron says:

    New Ability… Yay!

    Initial thoughts, Mov 5 is faster than I thought they would be.

    Teleport… Wow. The first part is what I was expecting, with the exception of the ball teleporting also. The second component is huge, and does a few things inadvertently.

    A. It increases the Terraton durability, as the opponent can’t exploit their poor dodge.
    B. It forces the opposition to go toe to toe with 3+ Str if you want to hurt them.
    C. The combination makes 1 player terra-good at blocking a bonus point strike as he can teleport across to different spots blocking the shot.
    D. It isn’t optional… meaning that it could be exploited to limited effect by a savvy opponent to stop you blocking a run path.

    Without throwing any dice, I can see point C being a real painful ability.

    • Quirkworthy says:


      • sideofiron says:

        A and B are pretty obvious, but C and D, I can see take the play to that other level… I’m loving – it for now… but I know I’ll be pulling my hair out as my opponents determine the best uses for it.

        Is the teleport second power only activated against slams? Or is it a response to the misdirect also?

    • sideofiron says:

      By the same measure, with no striker position and terra-bad speed, without an offensive coach and/or cards, these guys will have a hard time just getting a ball carrier to a scoring position.

      If teleport only works on rear arc slams, holding onto the ball may be difficult also with a rear arc steal a serious liability.

      Another weakness should come after you do eventually knock one over. They aren’t getting back up in a hurry. With a threat zone or two (three with the nameless) they could spend a long time trying to stand up.

  2. Henry says:

    The interesting thing about it though it that if your intention is just to move the player off a specific point, it automatically succeeds as they must move at least 1 hex – sure they choose, and can also pick their facing, but they must move. The interaction with 360 vision means that the season 2 Guard table might be a bit of a poorer option for them, which is interesting.

    Otherwise, they’re similar to Forge Fathers, but slightly faster and without strikers. 4 Strength 3+ Guards and without a definitive ‘weak point’ like a starting Forge Father Guard makes them hugely bashy. Teleport on the jacks allows them to get around with the ball without having to avoid players, but at a pretty slow pace. No strikers always seems like a disadvantage, but teleport makes their jacks quite survivable (but they have the same ‘problem’ as the Nameless, in that they have only 4 ball handlers… Another interesting team (although I’m sad this means I have to wait until tomorrow for my Asterians…) 😉

  3. Henry says:

    A few rules questions about this team:

    1) Do Steal’s from behind trigger ‘Teleport’ or just Slams?
    2) I assume a Stomp won’t trigger Teleport, as a downed player has no facing?
    3) If a Teraton Guard Teleports from in front of a player to behind a player and slams, is this a Sucker punch foul?
    4) Can I call a foul for ‘Sucker Punch’ if an opponent tries to slam a Teraton player from behind after starting in its front arc? Or is it as if the slam never happened?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      1) Just Slams.
      2) Correct.
      3) Yes. The foul is about where he starts and finishes, not how he gets there.
      4) Good question. No, you can’t call foul in this instance. The key is the word “resolved”. The foul is called after the Sucker Punch is resolved, and Teleport defines such a Slam to not be resolved, therefore you never get the opportunity to call it. Make sense?

      • Henry says:

        Thanks, that all makes sense – just trying to fully understand the implications of teleport!

        With Steals and Misdirects not triggering the teleport though, I can see them being weaker against some of the faster teams out there (especially Judwan), but I’ll reserve judgement until I see it on the pitch. Interesting that its another team with no dice and cards though!

        Is it tomorrow yet? 😉

  4. lines42 says:

    These guys sound like fun.
    – For some reason I miss rolling for “Teleport”. Even if the chances are low to fail it would increase tension. Just like Transform. I could see Teleport x spaces on a success and Teleport Y (more) spaces on a double success.
    – I really hope the other 2 teams come with cards. I think cards are a major and fun part in DB and teams without cards cannot use that element at all in matches outside leagues. A bit sad especially for newbies. How ´bout 7 players + 1 card?

    Just thinking loud here…

    • Henry says:

      I don’t think the ‘active’ effect side of Teleport is strong enough to be worth the possibility of failure – the primary purpose of using it would be to avoid having to make evade tests, so testing to do it would make it even more corner case…

      As for cards, I could be wrong, but I don’t think any of these teams are designed to be that newby friendly… They’re all quite complex and for a slightly deeper experience…

      • Quirkworthy says:

        As I said when I was discussing Season 2 teams, they get increasingly thinky because all the easy and obvious tricks have been pulled. Also, most people will start with the core game and graduate onto S2 and 3 after they’ve already got some experience of the basics. There will be exceptions, naturally, but on the whole…

  5. Pete Kijek says:

    Question, Jake- and might seem like a no brainer, but if I thought of it, then others might too.

    Do the Jacks get to Teleport the 4 hexes and throw/slam, as the Teleport shouldn’t affect their assumed proficiency at the game, or do they only get allowed to Teleport one hex and throw/slam?

    I hope it’s the former, but think it may well be the latter.

    • Henry says:

      Jacks don’t get to teleport and throw or Slam – the teleport is instead of a Run, so only a Guard (or Striker if any ever get the ability) can do it and perform another action.

      • Pete Kijek says:

        You can Slam as part of a Run action (same as Throw) so it would be possible. The question is in regard to Teleporting full hexes or one hex. An interesting reply on the Facebook Dreadball Fanatics group has yielded the question- Is Teleport a Natural ability or Technological?
        If it’s technological, it wouldn’t impair the Jack’s ability to Throw or Slam after a Teleport, but if it were Natural, it would.

        The answer could have seriously cool rammifications for Deadzone as well (cos Teratons appear in Deadzone too, and if it’s a natural ability for Teratons in Dreadball, should it not be a natural ability in Deadzone too?

        • Henry says:

          It says in the rule that Guards or Strikers can teleport and do it (as a Guard’s Slam action contains a run). A jack’s Throw or Slam actions don’t include a run, so cannot include a teleport.

          I don’t really see what the ability being natural or technological would have to do with this? There’s no distinction between abilities in Dreadball – they all work in the same way…

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Teleport is a natural ability for Teratons. I’m not entirely sure why this makes a difference though. It does appear in DZ as well.

    • Pete Kijek says:

      Henry, Jacks have always been allowed to Run up to one hex before Slamming or Throwing!!

      And as Running requires physical exertion, the point about being a Natural ability that would exert the Teraton, or technological that wouldn’t impair the Teraton at all still stands and is valid.

      • Henry says:

        That isn’t a run – its moving 1 hex – a run is a defined action in the rules – moving up to your movement stat. Only Guards can run and Slam and only strikers can run and throw and therefore, only these types of players could teleport and slam or teleport and throw as teleporting can only be done when a player would run (not just move).

        • Pete Kijek says:

          I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. Jacks for any team can Run a maximum of 1 Hex and either Throw or Slam. That’s for any team.

          It is unclear as to whether Teleport is a natural ability (like Running) which would mean Teleporting would impair the Teraton Jack’s ability to Throw or Slam. If it were Technological (or as is written, they simply disappear from one hex and reappear in another) this should NOT affect their ability to Throw or Slam. Have I explained myself better?

          As I said, it is probably that they can only Teleport one hex and Throw/Slam, but I think it needs clarification.

      • Dave P says:

        Actually Pete it’s not worded as Jacks can ‘Run’ one space but Jacks may move one space while Guards can make a full Run action, thats the distinction that stops Teraton Jacks from teleporting as part of a Slam. Same distinction but with Srikers for Throw.
        Quite clearly laid out like that in the wording of teleport too 🙂

        • Pete Kijek says:

          Yet in the Season 1 Rules, that move is classed as Running a maximum one hex- I say yet again, clarification is required. Hence why Guards are carefully worded as making a “FULL Run action” 😉

        • LavaJohn says:

          Just going to add one thing Pete, you can run as part of a throw/slam action, but you can’t slam/throw as part of a run action. Subtle difference, it matters for the cards. A run card doesn’t let you throw the ball, just run, but with a throw card you can run first.

          At no point, in season 1, 2 rule or the FAQ can I find the jack 1 hex move be defined as a run. All instances say ‘may move up to one hex.’ Sorry Pete but it looks like Jacks cant get the extra 4 hexes on an action.

      • Quirkworthy says:

        @ Pete – Jacks cannot Run as part of a Slam or Throw. They can “move up to 1 hex”. I deliberately used a different phrase to distinguish the two. Following on from this, as Teleport replaces a Run action a Jack cannot use it as part of a Slam or Throw. Once you have the distinction in the movement clear the rest follows straightforwardly.

  6. Can you choose to Teleport 0 hexes and just turn on the spot?
    It says ‘up to’ but doesn’t mention a minimum move.

  7. Zweischneid says:

    Hmmm. Not what I expected.

    On the first use of Teleport: There seems to be almost no trade-off whatsoever on doing it. You avoid doing Evades, avoid RI, get more options where to move (e.g. no blocking), etc.. The only times I see them NOT using Teleport is when you want to Dash (despite 5+ Speed) or Sprint.

    Maybe that is the point, but I think it would be nicer if there was some “pondering” on “should-I-run-or-should-I-teleport” (risk-vs-reward) going on, rather than a (near-)no-brainer decision).

    On the second use of Teleport: As noted, it seems to hurt “bashing” teams playing against Teratons far more than “stealing/fast”-teams. Not to mention that steals and misdirect roll against Speed to begin with.

    Again, maybe that is the point, but I “assumed” (hoped?) teleport (for a slow & bashing “turtle” team) would be an “anti-fast-team-tactic / ace-up-the-sleeve” (“Hare and Tortoise” was kinda my association!!), rather than than “anti-bashing-team-tactic”.

    • Scout13 says:

      their tough hide can take the hit, no need to teleport
      their strength would work great for a slamback

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Some of the playtesters used teleport lots, others hardly at all – it varied from game to game. Sometimes it makes little difference (when you want to move 4 or less) and other times an extra hex of movement and the chance of dashing really matters. It’s finesse rather than brain burn each time.

  8. Henry says:

    Its a lot slower than normal movement (as its only 4 hexes) rather than 5, and no dashing. Jacks also can’t slam or throw afterwards…

    • lines42 says:

      Well, make it more powerful (increase distance) and let them roll for it. 😉

    • Zweischneid says:

      Jacks cannot slam or throw after a run either. Nothing lost there.

      • Henry says:

        I just mean that jacks won’t be doing all the time, as they’ll need to do short moves to either slam or throw – Guards could technically do all of their actions by teleporting if they wished (since they can do it and slam).

        • Zweischneid says:

          True. I meant, of course, in situations where a Jack (of any other team) would choose a run action.

          E.g. he wants to slam an opponent 4 hexes away or get into a strike zone 4 hexes away, necessitating 2 actions (for being a Jack), of which the first one would normally be run).

          As said, I saw it as a “should-I-run-or-should-I-teleport” trade-off, since Teleport “takes the place” of run in the game-rules.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Maybe it’s just me, but I often end up one hex further away than I really want to be.

  9. Henry says:

    @Pete – The Season 1 rules say nothing about Jacks running and throwing or slamming – they say they can move 1 hex and throw or slam. Teraton Jacks cannot teleport and throw or slam.

    • Scout13 says:

      I can understand a teleport and slam since it’s a big target for someone to knock down, but teleport and throw for a Jack seems like it would require another action to really try to make a good throw at a small target
      I mean it’s probably like targeting Womp Rats back home with my T-16

    • lines42 says:

      Teleport may replace a run action.
      The movement a jack may do before slamming or throwing is neither classified as a run nor as an action.

  10. Henry says:

    @Zweischneid – if you were moving a Jack to provide a threat hex for one of your Guards and you needed it to move 5+ hexes, you could either Teleport without any chance of failure, but using 2 actions to get there or have it run, risking evades and dashes as required. Often it’ll be the best course of action, but sometimes you’ll need to save yourself actions – this means the coach has the choice of playing it safe and only using teleport, but may find himself out paced, or risk using actual runs, but having to roll some dice… Its subtle but different…

    • Zweischneid says:

      Not really. I doubt any Coach would risk two evades with a 5+ Speed Jack, especially if he has the ball.

      The same Teleport rules as written now, for a fleet, agile striker – Veer-Myn say (Movement 6, Speed 3+, bonus dice on evade) – would present precisely the kind of conundrum you describe.

      For this particular team, I’d expect see coaches going for Teleport 99.95% of the time.

      • Henry says:

        Okay, one evade then – rather than use two actions to get 5 hexes? Or better yet – the ball carrier wants to score, but is 5 hexes from the zone – does he risk one evade to give himself a better chance of scoring with his second action or does he teleport and make a moving strike with less accuracy?

        • Zweischneid says:

          Again, I am not saying that these situations don’t exist, especially if you construe them.

          Given the poor speed of the Teratons and the minimal difference, they’ll be far and few inbetween. The Teleport-rules as written now, would seem to work better with a fast, agile and fleet team, where they’d throw up the “tough decision” far more often.

          Yes, Teratons may end up in a pickle, end of game, when (as a rare exception), the Coach actually will have to for that 2 dice on 5+ evade and pray. They’ll be rare though.

          99.95% (not 100%) of the time it’ll be Teleport being the no-brainer. Ideally, it should be a no-brainer only 0.05% of the time, and a “tricky, finger-nail-chewing call” to make for the coach otherwise.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          @Zweischeneid – you seem to have assumed that the Teratons being able to reliably move by teleporting is a bad thing. I’m not sure why that is other than it’s not what you’d expected. Teleport could have been 3 hexes instead of 4 and this would have made the decision more difficult. However it would also have made them less different and less useful.

          In practice, Teleport is a gimmick rather than a big difference in many cases. It’s the unusual cases where it really matters (as Henry suggests) and the decisions become more difficult.

  11. Henry says:

    I think its going to come up more often than you think – 4 hexes isn’t a lot at the best of times and I think there will be plenty of times when they’ll physically need to move further purely because of the lack of actions. Time to get testing I guess… I would say though, without Teleport, they’re pretty much Forge Fathers without Strikers, so they should be using it…

    • Zweischneid says:

      Perhaps. As I said, maybe that is the idea that they teleport all the time.

      Just not what I was expecting, where “my minds-eye” pictured the teleport as a rarer, game-defining “stunt” that would draw all the “aaaahs” and “oooohs” from the crowd.

      Not to mention that, “gut-feeling”, a Teleport should be the risky option, not the safe one. But that may just be me.

      It just feels odd that teleport is “the default” (for a run), and the actual run the exception.

      • Henry says:

        I was expecting them to be slower, but able to teleport anywhere as an action which needed a dice test, so I’m interested to see how they’ve turned out! I quite like them though, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they play on the pitch!

      • sideofiron says:

        I think the only disappointment for me is that the degree of success mechanic is absent. I don’t think it will have a noticeable effect in terms of how competitive they are, but in terms of how fun a team is to play I’ve found the excitment of the game hinges on those ‘chains’ of required successful tests.

        I don’t think it will stop me playing them, but it is a shame to not incorporate the main mechanic when it would be relatively easy.

        Perhaps a 3 dice 4+ roll… No specific modifiers.
        1 success = 3 hex teleport,
        Each additional success gives an extra hex range.
        0 Successes = failure ending your action or allowing your opponent to follow through with a slam.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          There are a few reasons why I’ve not used the random roll for Teleport. The main one is character. For Teratons, teleporting is as natural as breathing, and so I wanted to reflect that. As a core survival trait the ones that were no good at it got eaten generations ago. The ones that are left are pretty slick about it.

          Nobody else has to roll to move a square unless they are at an extremity of the performance envelope (Dash, Evade). For humans the ability to teleport is way out there. For Teratons it’s as natural as walking.

        • lines42 says:

          Jake, I see where you´re coming from. You want to keep the character you had in mind when creating the Teras (reflex, etc..).
          But on pitch this feels a bit boring (or un-exciting). When I read about a teleporting team I was very excited, when I read how it was ruled and tried it on pitch it felt not very special at all.
          I also think that even reflexes can fail. There are anough examples in real life.

          Maybe you want to think about “killing that darling”?

          I´d love to see something like this:

          Teleportation: 3 dice 5+ (1), no mods
          0 success: no teleport, but can do his run with no penalty if it was a voluntary teleport. (This would also make it móre interesting for the opponent who might think about slamming from behind instead of just not trying it)
          1 success: Teleport 3 (or 4 hexes). (Doesn´t have to evade but with the price of moving only 3 or 4 hexes)
          Double successes: Teleport 6 (or 7 hexes). (That would make for the exciting part. It´s gambling but on a success gives a real advantage over the move 5. This would make it worth trying more often, and gives the Jacks a slighly better chance to reach a strike zone).

          My personal view:
          As they are now, no interest to play or buy.
          With a rule as above, definate buy.

          Please think about it. I want to like this team.
          Thanks, Lines

  12. Scout13 says:

    running interference is a cool card to have maybe if you are next to the Teraton when it teleports you could still play it
    just an idea
    I thought the Teratons were slow, wouldn’t their regular movement be less that 5? isn’t that mostly the regular movement, I would think 3 or 4 at most
    seems like cool rules and ideas

  13. Scout13 says:

    yeah, I saw that, but when I first read it I figured it would be cool to try something to mess up the teleport, I like some of the ideas about a die roll
    maybe a roll of 1 fails …

  14. Doug says:

    I was expecting the team to be slower and use teleport as a way to gain extra move.

    Something like:

    Move 4

    Teleport: 3 Dice 4+ test (1 or x*)
    For each success the model moves 4 hexes in any direction, ignoring threats, RI etc. The model will stop if any obstruction prevents them moving the full distance (like the wall).

    If Teleport is an action then there’s no advantage to doing it if you can’t move at least as far as a sprint because you could spend your action on that instead. You’d have to be heavily surrounded to want to teleport otherwise.

    This would give a chance of not moving and wasting an action, getting a run, getting a sprint, or rarely, getting a longer move that could see you down the pitch.

    I’m a little disappointed we haven’t seen anymore Move 4 teams. the dwarfs aren’t that good that they need to be the only ones with move 4…

    We also seem to be seeing a high proportion of Move 6 players/teams appearing, especially strikers.

    Veer-myn 6 3+
    Judwan 6 3+
    Zzor 6 4+
    Asterian (space elves should be Move 6 – so far every team with a WP/KoW counterpart have had the same Move) probably 6 3+
    Nameless 6 4+

    Robot 5 3+
    Human 5 4+
    Dwarf 4 5+

    It seems that most strikers are Move 6 and or Speed 3+. One or the other, but do we really need to double up on these highly synergistic stats?

    The stats seem to be going up in spread rather than in both directions. Dwarf strikers certainly stand out and not in a good way compared to all these… :p

    • Henry says:

      While Nameless have a Move 6 striker, its worth noting they also have a Move 4 player…

      Its also worth noting that both the Veer-Myn Striker and Z’zor Striker have Skill 5+ so are worse than a Forge Father striker at actually scoring. With the Teratons not having strikers, I think this puts them quite balanced with the Forge Fathers in terms of bashy teams – also, with their poor speed, actually using their slightly superior movement will be rarer due to the teleport being a “safe” 4 hex move.

      • Zweischneid says:

        Well, the most obvious, most glaring “weakness” of the Forge Fathers is the need to avoid damage on a 5+ dodge if they cannot slam-back.

        They are, ironically, probably the most fragile team in DreadBall atm (at least without extended league play,where every FF-coach is praying for 360 vision)..

        Teleport makes Teratons impervious to that particular Achilles Heel.

        • Henry says:

          They’re still just as weak to Misdirects and Steals though, as these don’t trigger teleports at all. And having no striker is a big difference to having a weak striker, so I certainly don’t think the Teratons just completely outclass the Forge Fathers…

          There’s also the argument that a slam from behind automatically succeeds in moving the player at least 1 hex, so if you just wanted them gone from that hex, its automatic. Careful positioning on these involuntary teleports will be extremely interesting…

      • The Misdirects and Steels wouldn’t cause a player to risk being gone to future rushes or games like a slam. I would rather use Jacks than strikers in my Forge Father team and usually only use Strikers when other players are injured due to being forced to use there speed stat to dodge (Sorry it didn’t give me the option to reply to the comment this directly referred to)

        • red says:

          I only use strikers when guards or jacks are injured. I’m always beginning with 3 guards and 3 jacks. FF are really fragile when hitting from behind. Often I end up with more dead players than my opponent.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          I’ve heard this a few times from FF players. I’ve also heard more experienced FF players say that this is a stage they go through and when they finally get into the zone they play a bit differently (and are fine). The trick, as I understand it, is to play a very different style to other teams.

        • red says:

          @Quirkworthy I’m really wondering what that “different style” could be? Don’t get me wrong, I like my FF team and last game against a Corp player was really different, as I kept the ball for a few rushes without trying to score. in the end I won 1:0 but I’m really interested in getting better.

          … and it _still_ just doesn’t feel right that my space dwarves are more fragile than a corp team.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Unfortunately I’m not a great FF player so I can’t really help with specifics. If I knew I’d tell you 😉

  15. lostcarpark says:

    Hmmm, does teleporting still give you +1 dice in a slam? Because if it does, it would be easy for guards to jump behind their opponents and always slam from behind.

    Since a teleporting player won’t have the momentum of a running one, it would make some sense if you don’t get +1 dice for teleporting into a slam, which would reduce the incentive to slam from behind.

    • Henry says:

      Lol, I’d just had the same though about this actually – I think the key is starting not adjacent to the target though, so I think they’d actually still get it.

      As for slamming from behind, they could easily set this up, but it will still be a sucker punch foul if they started the action in the target’s front arc.

    • munkeykungfu says:

      Yes it does, From a fluff perspective it is easy to explain, whilst you don’t have momentum on your side you re-materialise next to them moments before your fist slams into their face and thus get the jump on them.

      Plus, starting in front of them and teleporting behind them to slam is still classed as a sucker punch

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Potentially. The +1 for Slam applies if you “did not start adjacent to the target, but moved adjacent during this action” (p35) which you may have done with teleport.

      Whether you would have the momentum or not depends on the physics of how teleport works and it is certainly possible to imagine how it could do so. The obvious way was if something retained the momentum it had before it teleported.

      Slams from behind would be subject to the Sucker Punch definitions as normal.

      • Chris Richardson says:


        Which way are you leaning on this one? Which way should we be testing?

        Making the “BamF” less punchy would be an interesting choice for guards looking for maximum effect.

  16. sho3box says:

    These guys look like a LOT of fun 🙂

    When describing the game to friends and potential new players over the past year or so, the mention of teleporting turtle-dinosaurs has been the jump-the-shark moment for a few of them. Most of the veteran gamers that I know have been wary of a team that sounds like it could stress the ruleset as much as that concept could. I am therefore pleased to see that the Teleport rule is very straightforward and clean (I should have expected that from you of course Jake, but its still nice to see it in black and white).

    A roll for Teleport moves might make things more fun, or it might make things inconveniently fiddly. I cant say without seeing them on the pitch.

    Teratons will still be forced to sprint with some regularity Im sure (move four, even with teleport is still very short (and without any option for Dash is actually the shortest move in the game I think) and picking up and passing the ball will still provide all the usual emotional free-action roller coaster, so my gut reaction is that rolling for Teleporting might be unnecessary. It doesnt bother me if this particular team has a default movement that differs from every other team.

    Like I said earlier, they look like a lot of fun (and that prone marker is brilliant).

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  18. I think the rules for teleport are fine, but the team needs a dreadball card.

  19. Rob Uccello says:

    These guys look great, but I am a little baffled by the lack of a roll needed for the Teleport. It seems like a useful analog here is the Robots’ Transform ability: a roll is needed, it’s not hard, and there is a reward for over-performing. I haven’t had the chance to play these guys yet, but I think that a 3-die roll of 4s (following the Transform example) needs 1 success to Teleport. I feel that needing 2 successes to hold the ball through a Teleport would be a nice balancing factor, but maybe the difficulty the Teratons have with Dodging Steals is enough of an offset for them.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      The main difference between a robot and a Teraton here is that a robot chooses to change and (against a rear attack) a Teraton teleports away reflexively.

      • Rolex says:

        Thank you Jake. This is a grat thing to find back from vacation. At first glance I love them and I can’t wait to playtest teratons.
        Only one thing makes no sense IMO: if to teratons teleporting is as easy as breathing why can’t they chose to do it when slammed from the front?

  20. lines42 says:

    Okay, played a game Teratron vs. Asterians today. Boy, that felt strange! There’s lot to learn about both teams. Asterians won by landslide in turn 10. Don’t know if I can make a serious judgement after this one game.
    Here are some thoughts I had during the game:
    Man, those Teras are to stupid to handle the ball and score. I really missed cards to give those Jacks the exra action they need.
    The Asterian Strikers are great. They make the game. And with SP 3+ they even dogde the slams of a Tera guard pretty often. So Fragile isn’t much of a problem.
    On the other hand I had some turns where I could get a Strike with ball in a good scoring position and still had 3 Actions left. Save 1 for the Strike and I found myself more than once staring at the other ones, didn’t know what to do with them. Usually I’d use them to buy a card or kick some butts but not with ST 5. So all I could do was some re-positioning of some players. Felt odd and not very satisfying and sometimes wastes.
    TaD was used once with no success.
    Coach made successful offensive calls each round and made the Strikers actions even better.
    Again, I don’t think I can judge by only one game.
    But boy that felt strange…

  21. E r i c k B o u c h a r d says:

    For my part I think the Teleport ability against rear-side attack is a nice twist if only because, as my opponent plays Marauders, it would force Guards to use other tactics against “High Strength, Low Speed” skills than to use Sucker Punch or simply rear-arc Slams, which won’t work against the Teratons.

    Except perhaps against teams such as the Zee or the Nameless, Teleport shouldn’t make much of a difference in a game most of the time except allowing the Teratons to avoid Evade checks, which they’ll often fail.

    In fact, compared to the Marauders, I’m a bit wondering how the green skins can get an advantage over the Teratons, aside for a small advantage at stealing the ball. Both teams have similarities and Slamming down the Teratons (where they are at their weakest, even with a single Goblin Jack to pin them) will be no easy feat!

    Nice twist for that team! I’m eager to try them! They’re much less mind-boggling than imagining tactics for the Zees or the tricksy-false Asterians…

    • theearthdragon says:

      The Mauraders becoming completely obsolete is a bit of a concern of mine as well. The fact the Jacks can teleport past defenders with their free action on the pick up (Jacks with 4 skill get a free action 69% of the time) makes up for the lack of a card and low speed.

      I just can’t think of a team where I think the Orx are gonna fair better against them then the Teratons, and against each other, I see the Teratons winning 70%+ of the matches.

      Hopefully I’m wrong, but it really doesn’t look that way.

  22. ilikesanta says:

    An idea I had on handling Teratons being slammed in their rear arc; roll slam vs dodge, Teratons teleport on any result expect on double slam. Double slam causes their gear to malfunction and scatter randomly like a ball would. Bounce off the walls and scatter again if they would land on another player. They come to a rest in either an empty space or on top of the ball (then they must try to pick up the ball as normal if able). Their facing would be determined by the direction they were last traveling in.

    Gives the other team a possibility messing with the Teratons but with a slight chance of it backfiring, putting the Teraton in a better position.

    • theearthdragon says:

      I honestly don’t think Teleport needs a nerf. If the worry is Teratons will out bash everyone, then that is what they are designed to do. They SHOULD be sending more opponents off in body bags over what they loose.

      My thoughts are FF and Mauraders are gonna have to be addressed before too long as they were bottom fodder from Season 1, they struggle against most the Season 2 teams, and there aren’t any S3 teams that they look like they will stack up well against (except for maybe the Zees). So better to address the actual problem, not weaken the only bash team that looks like it’s being designed to actually have a good chance in league play.

      • Zweischneid says:

        Perhaps. But the actual problem isn’t that Orx or FF are weak.

        The actual problem is that, irrespective of teams, the game favours Strikers, fast and high-speed over defensive, Guard and Str. based approaches.

        Hence why Teratons, as a more bashing/slamming team, would ideally have a form of Teleport that really throws a spanner into the game-play of Judwan, Asterians, Veer-Myn, etc.. , not Marauders.

        I don’t think Teratons are too good, or particularly strong. Arguably the weakest S3 team.

        The problem is that their Teleport-skill absolutely murders Marauders (like they need it), but does absolutely nothing (!) against, say, Judwan stealing their balls, Misdirecting them and leaving Tertons in the dust.

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  24. Pingback: Dreadball Season 3 – Beta rules – Meeples & Miniatures

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