Still Here

Apologies for the quiet. Yes, I’m still here, still beavering away at all manner of gaming lovelies.

Of particular pressing note is the Deadzone Beta which is coming to an end. We’ve got about 10 days left of testing to get everything tweaked as it needs to be before it gets nailed down. I’ve been working on the full card decks for the first 4 factions and they will get posted up first. So, if you’re interested in getting in on the action and seeing how it will all work then stay tuned. I’ve got a game at mantic tomorrow so will post some bits in the evening after I’ve incorporated any amendments and suggestions from that session. A v2 of the Beta rules will follow, but for the time being use the existing Beta set. It’s largely fine with only a few niggles here and there to fix. Mostly it’s an issue of expanding the explanations and adding more diagrams, I think. It’s mainly the cards you need.

Of course, if you have other comments I’d be happy to hear them


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14 Responses to Still Here

  1. Troy Baker says:

    Wait, did I miss stats for factions other than Enforcers and Plague?

  2. redfox4242 says:

    Thoughts of Deadzone have never left my mind. I have been on a personal quest to collect the ideal Plague proxy models to use for this game. I have settled on some used Games Workshop Tyranids and Chaos Cultists. These purchases are currently en route to my home. For the Enforcers I have Mantic models all painted up now. I am very eager to see these new cards. This is thrilling news!

  3. D. Randolph says:

    At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi. At last we will have revenge!

  4. Really wish I hadn’t backed Sedition Wars so could have justified backing Deadzone. As soon as I get all the bits it’s going straight on eBay…

  5. Chris Richardson says:

    A vid of the play test session would be a fascinating peek behind the curtain anybody following this blog would love.

  6. MM says:

    can’t wait to give a try to the new beta, we had much fun with the old one!
    any chance to see also a beta of the forgefather stats?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Possibly. I’ve got a tight deadline to meet and they’re not in it. Ono the other hand, I was going to pencil something in so we’ll have to see how that looks once I get the bones in place.


  7. asdepicas says:

    looking forward for those cards!!!
    yesterday we played our fifth deadzone game, I think i´m now prepared to give some feedback. the game seems to flow really well, the activation system seems awesome but sometimes being able to activate up to 4 units in a row seems too much because there is no alternancy.
    we´ve found an isue with solving some discussions about terrain (specially with knockbacks) when de terrain isnt exactly concurring with the tiles, probably just a matter of better explaining in the rulebook, but worth noting it. also seems that armour 2 is really hard to break with shooting, poor tactical enforcers are usually suporting other models or blazing away being unable to hurt 2nd gens and having problems even with 3rd gens. last, we think there should be some kind of limit to free moves in a turn, i find appropiate that a 2nd gen can begin couple of fights in the same tile, i can imagine the beast crashing everything in its path, but, in bigger games being able to move and fight each time it doubles can become overpowered… yesterday we tried a game doubling the minis in each side… and a second gen managed to move up to 5 tiles due to free moves (killing the enforcers that were there) the bigger the game the more danger of this happening. so maybe allowing them to begin as many combats as they can but only allowing 1 or 2 free moves could work.
    thanks a lot for this game that is going to be awesome, and sorry for my english,

    • Quirkworthy says:

      The ability to move up to 6 models in your turn is deliberate and an important part of the tactical options and variation between commanders. If we take it out then a lot of the variance disappears, which would be a shame. Remember though that moving all these at once then gives your opponent control of the latter half of the turn, which they may then be able to use to their own advantage without you being able to retaliate. It’s an unusual mechanic. Normally the rate of alternation is fixed, and I think people will take a little practice to get used to the possibilities of the variation and choice here.

      I agree that the terrain needs explaining a bit more, especially the half cube pieces and walkways.

      In the game we played yesterday ( armour 2 broke easily enough, with both of the Ripper suits being killed by single shots (def 4+, armour 2: the same as Enforcers). A combination of angling for clear shots, choosing your shooters and targets well, and deploying cards when and where they maximise effect can all help break armour. Bad luck can make a mess of any plan though so none of this is guaranteed.

      I’ve been toying with a limit to the number of free actions (there was a limit in the Alpha if you recall). That may well return. However, as the enemy is visible and you position your own models, if someone can crash through 5 cubes then you have left that chain of models in front of him, so you’re at least partly to blame for leaving the temptation there. Who could resist? It’s the kind of thing that happens once and then the owner of the depleted force learns a hard tactical lesson – disperse 🙂

      For me the reason to impose a limit is more that you can get into ruts where a model can’t quite kill another, but can do enough to get a free action. This just makes for a long series of inconclusive dice rolls, which is bad. We’ll see what we can do about that.

  8. Jeff says:

    No need to apologise Jake we know you are busy: off the top of my head there’s Deadzone, DKH4, Mars Attack and DB3 – and that’s just Mantic! There are probably 2 or 3 other companies making demands on your time.

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