DZ Mission Target

Just till I get the full write up posted, try going for 8VPs instead of 7.

Also, a note on objectives.

Imagine the board is divided into 5 zones. Each player has a deployment zone, and there is a central band into which half the items are deployed. This leaves a strip of no-man’s land on each side, between the central band and the deployment zones.

Set up the Objectives with one in the middle area where the items go, and each player setting up one of the remaining objectives in the strip of no-man’s land on the opposing side of the middle band. If you see what I mean.

If a model leaves the table via Infiltrate they cannot return. If they leave via Scour then they can come back onto the cube they left the board from.


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6 Responses to DZ Mission Target

  1. Alex Cooper says:

    Hi Jake, DZ is sounding better and better by the day!

    Quick question though, its a little bugbear of mine. You have used the word ‘infiltrate’ a lot in the mission cards to mean a model leaving the gaming area thereby scoring VPs. If you don’t mind be asking, what’s your reasoning for using that word and shouldn’t it be ‘EX-filtrate’ as the models are leaving the area of play?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      You’re right about exfil being the correct term for getting out, but that’s not really what that goal is attempting to reflect.

      Infiltrate refers to the infiltration of the enemy position. Getting off the (abstract) limitations of the board is simply the easy way to define that you have infiltrated. So in that sense the mission really is about infiltration.

      It’s clearer when you have the long explanation to refer to (which will be in the book).

      • Alex Cooper says:

        That actually makes more sense now, thanks. Having said that however, could the same not be said for simply exfiltrating from the combat zone? 😉

        Even though it sounds like i’m attempting to troll you its really a rhetorical question. So to make it clearer for my own personal well being its a matter of infiltrating deeper into enemy held territory by moving past the vanguard (enemy models on the board)

        Is that the jist?

        • mastertugunegb says:

          Are all the different Objective criteria instantaneous? That is, beyond the obvious ones for a Mission Card such as 1VP per kill. I was playing my ally in arms and I had a fairly clear mission which was to collect items to spirit off the map, while his was to capture or control the objectives,

          Which made me wonder, do you only have to have the objective clear for a Round to get the VPs for Control or Capture or is this a ‘are they controled/captured at the end of the game?’ scenario?

        • mastertugunegb says:

          Also, It Burns! get clarified? Talked with a friend of mine and the best guess between us was that the weapon/attack should attack as per the regular weapon rules for either Shoot or Blaze Away, with the same modifiers but use the It Burns! results for succeeding and doubling.

          Another q is for Blazing Away… as written for supporting models it appears that they more or less forego their activation’s action(s) that turn, but do these count towards the number of activations allowed for the current Command Total of their acting Leader for the Turn, or not?

          e.g. six Orx Commandos with a current best Command Total of 3 have Area LOS/range to an Enforcer. The first to be activated in the round (who happens to be one of the six Orx Commandos) Blazes Away. Do all of the other five Orx Commandos get to support the first one, or can only up to 2 more Orx contribute, using up the remaining activations for that Turn?

  2. McHolty says:

    Any update on the ‘full write up’ you mentioned in this post? I am getting anxious for a DZ update. 🙂

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