A Final Change

It’s amazing how excitable people can become over a single roll of the dice.

In response to the many comments about the new ball launch rules I’ve talked to Mantic and they’ve kindly agreed to delay the book slightly to make a final change. The new rule will be as follows.

S3 launching the ball v3

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30 Responses to A Final Change

  1. Vinsss says:

    I’m sure everyone will be as pleased as they were excited.

    I know I am more than pleased, if only to just witness the weight of the community and your dedicated reaction to it.

    I only wish you don’t take it the harsh way !


  2. Excellent. Everything we loved about the new rule kept, while the cause of our objections removed entirely. Thank you for listening.

  3. Pete Melvin says:

    Thanks for listening Jake. I’m glad that this has been changed as I really did not like the random scatter. I appreciate that you took the time to listen to the community, there some as would not do such a thing.
    Many thanks.

  4. Zweischneid says:

    I liked the slightly chaotic scatter-version. Will definitely try it for a laugh.

    I like game-designers sharing their thoughts and working in feedback even more. Thanks a lot Jake for doing this (and for running a site like Quirkworthy in the first place).

  5. David Kenny says:

    Like it a lot Jake. I understand your reasoning behind the scatter in the last one, but it just felt like scatter for scatter’s sake, an extra step in the process that didn’t really add anything I thought. I think this gets the balance right though, negating the exploit without re-inventing the wheel.

  6. Dídac says:

    Just one question. The new rule states “The direction of launch relative to the player’s front arc determines whether he can attempt to Dodge or not” if I can recall correctly, you can /always/ attempt to dodge an attack (be it a throw or a slam), as facing is only relevant for slambacks.

    Am I right? If I am not, then what is the opposing roll to the ball strike?

  7. Lex says:

    Your last update was good, it’s now better I think. As others have said: well done in reacting swiftly and positively to comments.

  8. cashwiley says:

    That sounds just right.

  9. JonM says:

    Hi Jake,
    Thank you for listening to the comments, it is really reassuring to know you give consideration to what will make people enjoy the game. (Even if some comments were not written constructively.)
    Out of interest, was it for the sake of simplicity that you dropped the scatter altogether rather than adopting a single hex scatter? (I kind of assumed part of the reason for the scatter was so failed pick-ups wouldn’t people in the path of the relaunch – which won’t be the case with launch v3.)

  10. Tim says:

    Awesome! Thanks for listening – and sharing your thoughts in the first place 😀

  11. James K says:

    Wow, while you and Mantic had showed plenty of evidence that you were responding to the community, this show above-and-beyond levels of dedication.

    Kudos to you both.

  12. Mark Thompson says:


    A big thank you for your hard work and dedication. Keep up the great work. We (The Royal We) really appreciate your work!

    Looking forward to Season 3 and any future rules changes.

  13. D. Randolph says:

    Thank you Jake and Mantic.

  14. Daron says:

    Mr Thornton,

    Thanks for listening. You sound understandably annoyed with the community’s response to the scatter (that you kindly removed).

    It’s your own fault, you know. Had you made a boring rule set that nobody played, you’d have nowhere near this level of passionate feedback. This will teach you to make such cool rules and I hope you never learn how to make boring stuff.

    Also, if it helps, I’ve decided to pick up the final 2 teams I need to finish Seasons 1 and 2.
    Season 3 is looking like a very probably purchase, too.



  15. James Curtis says:

    Thanks for listening Jake, much appreciated!

  16. Zorblag says:

    HI there Jake,

    I’d like to toss another “thanks for listening” onto the pile with all the others. Your reaction to this (unexpected, I can only assume) surge of opinions has been all that we could ask for. Keep up the great work with both the ideas that make this all possible and the responsiveness that makes it so worth being a part of on our end.

    -Zorblag R`Lyeh

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  18. Lex says:

    We’re through a few games with the new launch rules. They are great. They punish appropriately for careless placement (or lack of ), and add a much needed layer of carnage. Kudos.

  19. MonkeyGoose says:

    I have played with the new rules twice now. The only question I have is what happens when the person is faced directly toward the opposing strike zone? The ball would hit them at the intersection of their front and back arc. Can they dodge?

    • Zorblag says:

      Page 11 in the season 1 rulebook indicates that anything in the hexes directly to the sides of a player (the ones that the imaginary line between the front arc and the rear arc stretching out form the player are intersected by) count as being in the front arc. Basically, anything that seems like it could go either way seems to count as front arc. As such they should get to dodge in the case you propose.

      -Zorblag R`Lyeh

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