Big Day Tomorrow

Well, I say big. It’s probably the same size as other saturdays in reality, it’s just that we’ve got a God of Battles tournament at Foundry, which is quite exciting.

I’ve got no idea how many will make it and have planned a very flexible approach accordingly. Could be loads, might be just me. You never know. In essence what I’m after is simply a fun day for people where they get to play lots of games and the tournament is just a way of adding a framework and structure to that.

God of Battles isn’t really designed as a tournament system, so running this is a bit of a strange thing to do. However, it’s a toe in the water at running events and is really a test bed for the idea of running campaign days. That’s my real aim. I think they’re far more interesting, but they’re also a huge amount more work to set up, so I didn’t want to start out with one and then have nobody turn up. Hence the tournament, which is much simpler to arrange.

If you’re interested in coming along then it’s all free. All you need to do is pop along to Foundry tomorrow with your army. Don’t worry if you’ve never played God of Battles before, as long as you have a 28mm scale fantasy army we can fit you in. The rules contain 10 army lists, some of which are very flexible. One or other of them can be used to proxy anything.

I’ll be on hand to teach you how to play if you don’t already know, and if we have several neophytes I’ll make sure they’re paired off against each other at the start so that you’re learning together. Whatever happens, it’s an excuse for a few games in a friendly environment and there are even some prizes.

I’m looking forward to it and hope to see some new faces 🙂

Oh yes, details…

Gaming starts at 10am. Please bring a 24 point (main force plus command & support) force with whatever you need in the way of counters, cards and so on if appropriate. The only additional tournament restriction on forces is no Behemoths. Other than that, just use the normal rules from the book (or bring a selection of units if you don’t have it and want to give it a try). See you there.

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  1. Kev Moon says:

    Thoroughly looking forward to this, spent last night making my miracle cards and sorting out a QRF and it’ll be the first outing for my orcs under any rules as well as my first game of God of Battles. I’m bound to lose!

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