Fun & Frolics

A brief note between deadlines to say a big thank you to the brave souls who came for yesterday’s God of Battles tournament. I enjoyed myself immensely and though it had the perfect atmosphere of competitive fun. I took loads of photos and I’ll post a proper report in a couple of days (when DZ is less in my face).

Thanks are also due to Foundry for being excellent hosts, as ever. In fact they excelled themselves this time, providing a prize for the winner and a free blister to everyone who came (as well as the usual coffee and tea on tap). Very generous of them.

Congratulations to Sam who came top with his Thousand Tribe force. He won all three games in fine style and is threatening to come back next time with Blood Gorged.

Speaking of next time, we’ll be back at Foundry the first saturday of next month (5th october), as usual. This time I want to run a mini campaign day with an overarching story directing the forces on either side. As always, this will be free to join in and you’re welcome to come along even if you’ve never played before. More on how this will work later.

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