The Future Of DreadBall

We spent some hours yesterday talking about the next steps for DreadBall and I managed to sneak a quick photo of Ronnie’s explanation of his vision. I don’t want you to get too excited yet, but I couldn’t keep this to myself.

DB future

I can’t say any more. A picture’s worth a thousand words so I may already have revealed too much.

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37 Responses to The Future Of DreadBall

  1. Sebastian says:

    Dreadball – the card game…?

  2. lines42 says:

    Dreadball Team Manager – The card game

  3. Ben says:

    And this was the last anyone ever heard of Jake Thornton. The official police report stated that he had most likely committed suicide over his severe gambling debts, but those who knew Thornton well claim he had never gambled in his life. Rumours persisted for several years that a shadowy organisation known as “Digby”, had abducted Thornton and murdered him. Many theories abounded as to the precise method, but the most persistent claimed he had been forced to stand on the spot while a spherical object was repeatedly hurled at his head at terrifying speeds. No-one truly knows what happened to this long forgotten freelance games designer, few people really much care anymore. Most folks scarcely believe there was a time when gamers would assemble and paint physical miniatures. But every now and then, you hear that “a friend of a friend of a friend”, heard of a secret meeting, at the back of a Chinese laundry, or twelve floors below the Pentagon, in which the world was saved from an alien invasion by a ritual involving the tossing of mystical cubes, the placement of some lumps of material, some say resin, others say plastic, and the shuffling of an arcane deck of cards. They call this, “See-Sun Fore”, and its shadowy puppet master, “Roar Nearenton”. And those rare few who remember, nod, smile, and raise a glass to Jake Thornton. A little-known and long-forgotten games designer, who no-one really knows what came of him.

  4. crimsonsun says:

    Dreadball The MOVEMENT TRAYS!!

  5. Andrew says:

    Cards against Humanity: Dreadball Edition?

  6. mattadlard says:

    lol, and one thought the hobby wasn’t strange enough.

  7. Dreadball; The Draft, CCG.

  8. Vinsss says:

    Without the X on the green card, I would comprehend all of this and could explain it to you all. But there’s that X. So I don’t get it.

  9. David Kenny says:

    That’s just…..just….what? I don’t know what this means!

  10. LavaJohn says:

    It’s far to early in the morning for riddles. Can somebody work out the answer and just let me know please?

  11. Tom says:

    So what if each card represents a season from right to left. Season 1 is the white card on blue. Season 3 is marked with the green paddle. Which means there is still in the works a season 4,5 and6. Then the green card with the x is not one of the normal seasons, its dreadball extreme…..
    That’s what I thought but maybe a card game is more likely from the picture!!!

  12. RMBLees says:


    THIS is epic!

  13. Richard says:

    Dreadball the mass combat game πŸ˜‰ you take the teams and their loyal fans outside you massed head kicking action

  14. Laertes says:

    I donΒ΄t know what it is but…..I think that you are going to take my money one more time!!!

  15. Gareth says:

    This is worse than the numbers in Lost. Thornton has made conspiracy theorists of us all.

  16. neil says:

    six seasons of dreadball. nice.

  17. Obadiah says:

    Solitaire Dreadball????

  18. David Kenny says:

    Dreadball S4: Jake and Ronnie take the mickey of us all. πŸ˜›

  19. recrispi says:

    Maybe solo rules for Dreadball?

  20. Joe Spagnola says:

    individual stat cards for each player, gloss coated s you can write on them with a dry-erase marker

  21. Mike says:

    None of you are looking deep enough! As I was staring through an orange filter at the image reflected in a mirror while standing in direct moonlight it occurred to me that “six white cards, three green” is an anagram of “Gin Wits Rechartered Hexes” which clearly shows that in a gin fueled brainstorming session Jake has decided to ditch Dreadball’s hexes in favour of a free form rectangle, card system! Mind you it’s worth noting that “six white cards, three green” is also an anagram of “where herring cadets exist”. Make of it what you will but it’s my guess that’s what the ‘X’ marks!!!

  22. Gareth says:

    OK, so can you confirm which (if any) of these boxes refers to this new Galactic Tour thingy, or are you still bound by the Official Mantic Secrets Act?

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