Campaign Day

Well time does fly when you’re having fun, and I must have been really enjoying myself lately as the last month has roared past.

It seems like only a couple of days since I was talking about a God of Battles tournament coming up, and now we’re a month later and I’ve still not properly discussed my plans for a Campaign day on the 5th of October. Best do that now 😉

GOD_OF_BATTLESAs regular readers will know, we have a God of Battles day over at Foundry on the first saturday of each month. I’ve told all the regulars that the next one will be a campaign day, but what exactly does that entail? Well, the basics are you guys coming along (ideally with your army) and playing a bunch of games. There’s an overall story that’s woven around these battles and each series of wins and losses will impact both the overall direction of the plot and the next games. Victors may have extra gold to hire mercenaries or bribe opponents, losers may have to resort to assassination to win fights. That sort of thing.

The games themselves will be normal battles with a spin. This will be a  mixture of bespoke things for the day plus bits of a campaign system I am writing for GoB. Seemed like an ideal time to try some bits out on live victims playtesters.

As always, taking part is free – all you have to do is get yourself to the Foundry site.

If you’d like to come along you don’t need to be familiar with the rules. I’m quite happy to show new players the ropes as we go along.


Your Help

What would be really useful is for you to let me know if you are planning to come and what army you will be bringing (if any). This lets me set up the story to best fit the forces we have, which will be most entertaining.

The more folk we get, the more anarchic and fun it’s likely to be, so if you’ve got the time to spare do consider popping along.

Any questions or thoughts, let me know here or in email.

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26 Responses to Campaign Day

  1. Ben says:

    Almost certainly going to be there. Can bring Undead and T’lekkan.

  2. Sam Dale says:

    I will be along with all the goats. ALL the goats.


    (36 points of core undercoated and ready to go. More that that from the other list. Might sort some more out before the day.)

  3. Kev Moon says:

    I’ll be along with my orcs, I can bring 36points.

  4. I’ve got my 24 point undead, sounds like that may not be enough.

    • Sam Dale says:

      I’ve made sure I’ve got 36 so I can mix up lists and try stuff out. If you’ve not got the models, and we’re going to 36 for a game or two, Jake’s always said there’s Foundry models to borrow, and some of the players might have suitable things too.

    • Iain says:

      24 should be enough as noted either you can make it up with other peoples undead, lend Foundry models or simply play at 24 against one of the many other people who will be bringing 24 point armies.

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  6. Iain says:

    We (Heather and I) are still undecided about whether we will be there or not, partially depending on work load. If we do go then we would have a comedy 36 points of Quithnilian and 24 points of Sea Elves. I think Heather (Sea elf player) would mainly be going for the painting advice and watching so is unlikely to want to play more than 1 game (if that) so please don’t put her down for anything.

  7. CrazyZip says:

    If I am there (depends if work gives me a migraine this week) I would probably only want to play one game against a beginner since I have only ever played 2 games, both not with complete rules, and the last one was months ago (so I have helpfully forgotten all the rules). 24 points sea elves (mostly unpainted also apart from the merfolk and some crazy colours on the ambassadors!). It would be good to see what some other people have been doing with their armies (other than on facebook). It’s not so much a case of ‘popping along’ for us as taking out an entire day of the weekend (although has previously been much fun) 🙂

  8. Quirkworthy says:

    Sounds like we’ve got a lot of different sized armies and people popping in for a game or two or not at different times. Nothing like making it challenging 😉

    That sounds like it’ll be an entertaining day. I’ve got a fairly free form plan that will accommodate whatever we end up with on the day, so don’t worry about what size army you might have, how experienced you are or what-have-you. I’ll do my best to arrange entertaining games as part of the story.

    No point in playing if it ain’t fun 😉

  9. Iain says:

    Myself and Crazyzip will be there witha 24 point sea elf army and a 24/36 pt Quint no Quinth no Quincyrth err Imperial Elf army for a game or 2. We may not both be able to play at the same time due to lack of models/gaming material!

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