What Scale Are These Guys?

If you haven’t seen them already, these pictures are quite intriguing. Apparently this is the latest in armour for the Taiwanese Special Forces. No, really. TSF 1

TSF 7According to one site the face masks are protection against close range shots. Hmmmm… not sure I’d like to put that to the test personally. However, it would make a bit of sense as there are other guys standing with that unit who are wearing normal kevlar helmets. I’m pretty sure smart woolly balaclavas offer even less ballistic protection, so it’s got to be better than that, right?

TSF 6It’s not directly game related, but they just looked so much like a range of near future miniatures that I had to post this up 🙂



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13 Responses to What Scale Are These Guys?

  1. Ben says:

    When I initially saw these doing the rounds I tried to make sure this was legit as it seemed so absurd. Presumably machetes will become standard issue also.

  2. Dan says:

    They’re all packing short range guns as well as gimp masks too. Very specialised CQB gear, has the added benefit of making the terrorists piss their pants laughing instead of shooting at them.

  3. mattadlard says:

    This is more psychology the protection, the idea of a faceless opponent.

    Still maybe Allan Moore was right in V for Vendetta

  4. Brad Guerre says:

    Yikes! With zero identifying objects on each individual soldier, I think this could have more to do with quelling the public than with a terrorist army. I wouldn’t want to face off against an officer who couldn’t be identified after the fact. a bit like the Seattle Police at the WTO riots. Faceless can mean brutality.

  5. Bidge says:

    Could the mask be for protection against knife fighting. There are specific knife fighting styles and I think at least one is from this region of the world. Also its reasonably intimidating, especially on masse.

  6. Robey says:

    These guys aren’t police, or even SWAT. Their unit badges make it clear they are soldiers, and their equipment is special forces CQB for anti-terror operations.

    Whilst most professional soldiers regard ballistic masks as showy and unnecessary, they are growing in popularity with CQB specialists, mainly for the psychological edge they provide, because they look utterly terrifying.

  7. chibipaul says:

    But if you wear a mask in the UK on a peaceful demo you could be arrested

    Screw the fascists.

  8. When I saw those guys, I immediately had to think of two things:

    Oxygen intake: During stressful activity (like, say chasing terrorists or busting down doors) the human body’s oxygen consumption goes way, way up. These things don’t have nose holes and it looks like they’re also wearing balaklavas underneath them. How do these guys breathe?

    Field of vision: It looks like it’s severely limited with that mask on. It seems to be fixed in place pretty tightly, but if it gets out of place that’s bound to be a nightmare.

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