Defender Shields

Added these to the FAQ.

I can’t remember whether these were left out of the laid out version of the rulebook deliberately or not, but I’ve included them as errata as so many people have asked.

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9 Responses to Defender Shields

  1. Hendybadger says:


    Will you also be adding the CSW rule?
    Or is that for a later book?

  2. Alex Cooper says:

    Hi Jake,
    So after reading through the rule for the defender shield, and discussing it on the mantic forum, some of us are a bit confused on the wording.

    Clearly “attacks that trace LOS across that side of the cube” implies shooting and blaze away etc, but what about close combat? I would assume that the additional +1 armour is also applicable for an enemy attacking up close from the same angle as the shield but not from behind etc

    Is that right? Could you enlighten us?


  3. Riquende says:

    Hi Jake,

    What’s the reasoning behind adding in a directional facing rule into a game that otherwise doesn’t really care about model facings? Given the cube-based nature of most of the game, I’d have thought it would be easier to implement a rule where the shield protects from shots fired from a specific cube (that the Enforcer can decide on during the turn when the shot is fired) and perhaps any cubes adjacent to the first.

  4. Jonatan Reino (asdepicas) says:

    I´m a bit sad that it cannot be used to protect other miniatures… the idea of real shields is to protect bearer AND his mates… I thought it was going to give cover in the cube or something the like

  5. General Jobo says:

    I’ve play tested the Defender Shield model a few times no,w and I’m a bit disappointed with them. I think there a poor choice. So far I haven’t seen there advantage, and it’s not good having a model that is an all round bad choice.

    The model needs to get in close to be any use, but are poor in close combat. to get into a good position with this model usually involves leaving him venerable.

    I liked the above ideas:
    (1) extra armour in combat
    (2) is a moving cover tile

  6. Chris Bburn says:

    For such a cool looking model the defender shield rules really dont make me want to take them. I would back the idea that they casue the cube that the model is in counts as cover for friendly models, they give +1 dice to survive in a fight and have the support rule so -1 dice to fight.

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