Return Of The Wanderer

Apologies for the break. Been out and about sorting all manner of gubbins, plus the weekend was the Mantic Open Day and then some more filming with the Beasts of War crew yesterday. I am, however, back at my desk now so what passes for normal service should resume shortly 😉

I’ve got several new toys to review, the restic series to continue plus the Deadzone FAQ to catch up with, not to mention the articles I wanted to write about Eternal Battle design and so on. Might be more than one post a day for a bit to catch up.

Speaking of the Open Day, I spent most of it doing seminars with Ronnie, but from my brief forays into the main halls it looked like folk were having fun. Of course there were lots of people carting very large boxes of Deadzone away, so I expect we’ll see a lot of YouTube unboxings and blog posts about that on the net over the next few days. Do feel free to pop a link here if you spot anything particularly interesting on that front.

One comment we did have in a few of the seminars was that the Open Day was full of games, unlike the last GW Games Day. I can’t comment on that personally as I didn’t go to GD, but the Open Day was certainly buzzing with a DreadBall and KOW tournament as well as tables of Dropzone  Commander, Judge Dredd, Loka and more. There may even have been some Deadzone going on 🙂

The Open Day has grown massively since Mantic started having events to meet the fans and I think next time might need a bigger venue again. The car park that had accommodated all the attendee’s vehicles last time had overflowed and there was parking up and down the road outside too. It was heaving. All in all it was a tiring day, but a very good one with a lovely positive and enthusiastic vibe.

Next saturday I’ve got another of the regular God of Battles meets over at Foundry. This time I’ll be live testing some campaign rules I’ve been messing about with. As always, if you’re in the area you’re more than welcome to pop along and join in. It’s free to attend and the regulars are a very friendly and relaxed bunch. If you haven’t played GoB yet then you can still come and learn how it works. Most sessions will see me teaching one or two people the basics.

And it seems to be December already. Not sure where November went.


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7 Responses to Return Of The Wanderer

  1. It was nice to meet you Jake, and your seminar was very interesting, a good few tasty hints for us to digest.

    My colleague Chris has been cheekily publishing them here:

    • Ben says:

      I found it a little ironic that for a man who requires significant supporting fluff to support a given game mechanic to gain his buy in, and who feels that some things are not fully exploited or explained, leaves so much of his criticism at “they could have done more” or “I don’t like it”.

      From my first flick through the book I was confused by the same cover mechanism that confused him. I was going to wait until I’d given it a closer read but seeing as he’s mentioned it I’ll ask now. The rules on buildings and cover on p14 say –

      “Before the game starts, you and your opponent should agree which cubes count as cover. Each cube either counts as cover or it doesn’t… If a cube counts as cover then it doesn’t matter where in the cube the scenery that represents that cover is.”

      This seems at odds with the rules for Point LOS on p18, which is more what I was expecting the rule to be. For Point LOS, if you’re drawing directly from the shooter to the target then that would seem to make it important where the model was in relation to the cover in that cube. I can’t square these two rules, which one am I reading wrong?

      • Ben says:

        P29 seems to provide the solution. The shooter and the defender both benefit from a clear shot and cover respectively. If the digital rulebook gets updated it might be worth taking the opportunity to add a bit to p14 clarifying the difference.

    • This guy bored the hell out of me after a minute of his droning on…

  2. sho3box says:

    I enjoyed the Mantic Open Day. Winning the regional winners Ultimate DreadBall game was the cherry on top, even if it precluded me for taking part on the regular DB tournament 🙂

    The seminar, tour of the studio and meeting the in-house sculptor and painter were all great. I particularly enjoyed that other companies were present at the event and I spent quite a bit of time talking Dredd with the Warlord guys, which was cool.

    It was nice to meet and say “Hi” Jake. Hopefully I will see you again at something similar in 2014.

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