DreadBall Digital

5SecondsAppI expect that many of you have seen this already, but if not you should go and take a look.

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20 Responses to DreadBall Digital

  1. Looks cool. I shall be watching this closely. Perhaps this will pave way for a DZ counterpart also?

  2. Rob Clarke says:

    Looks like a great idea.
    As long as the price is right

    • Quirkworthy says:

      And what would the right price be?

      • Ask Bruce?

        I’d pay normal rule book price for it.

        • Michael says:

          I think it will cost more than a regular rule book… I’m going with the price of 3 digital copies. It will be all three seasons in one book plus all the glamour… I’m still 100% behind paperless tech so I hope it’s reasonable priced.

          it’s great for the game through. Now a person could just buy that book and a team and play in a league. 🙂

      • Rob Clarke says:

        All 3 season books and the playbook ?
        I’d snap it up if that cost £10 . mostly because I already have all 3 season books. If it were more I’d have to see a demo to see how useful it would be to me. I rarely have to look up rules these days. I play a loads of dreadball and have a good memory.

        Has the pricing been announced yet??

  3. Graham Bartram says:

    It looks like at least someone in the industry knows how to do a digital rulebook. Mantic I salute you.

  4. This is the the killer app that could push Mantic games over the top! DZ, KOW, WP etc. all need versions. I was hesitant to get into DBall but I could get into the game if this app were available. It is especially great for weeknight league gaming as it would speed up game time (and as a working class shmoe, I need to get the most out of my gaming time as possible)! 😉

  5. Juergen says:

    will this ever get released?

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