More DZ Mercs

Edit: ignore this and look at the next version instead.

Like it says, here’s some more mercs plus the last lot again. I’ve reworked Eddak P’mera and left the other two as they were.

Mercs for Q v2

The issue with Bjarg’s flight suit and having to hold the model in mid air only happens when someone successfully overwatches against him in mid flight. The only alternative I can see is banning overwatch against him in flight, and that just seems odd and unreasonable. Consequently, I’ve left this as it was. Personally, I don’t think it’s an issue in actual play.

As ever, let me know what you think

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4 Responses to More DZ Mercs

  1. Insane_Prophet says:

    Nem-Rath feels a bit odd to me. It feels a bit off, given his fluff, that he’s actually an inferior Commander to your regular Asterian Commander. I appreciate that he doesn’t *want* to take command, but I feel like as he stands I’d rather just pay the additional 4 points for a non-Mercenary Commander.

    I’d somewhat assumed that he’d have a rule that interacts with the Team’s actual Commander, to represent the pressure his presence puts on him. Maybe something like every 8 rolled on a Command role provides an additional bonus (another command token or card perhaps), to represent encouragement, but each 1 rolled results in a penalty (the loss of a card or token) as the watcher’s disappointed gaze falls upon the Commander.

    Or maybe he allows the Commander to take a Command action as a Short action, but at the cost of two tokens, and every 1 rolled on such a roll causes an additional complication.

    As is he just feels like a slightly cheaper Leader model, which doesn’t feel very characterful.

    Everyone else looks great!

    As an aside, it’d be nice in the future to see abilities like Stealth make their way to the skill up table for regular models. Stealthy could perhaps end up being an Item (Silencer/”Silent” Rounds) available for purchase.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      The challenge with Nem-rath is to have something that doesn’t cause as much angst for the normal commander as his real presence probably would. The pair of them are probably too expensive to have on the battlefield at the same time, so I didn’t want to focus on that as his main thing.

      These extra abilities and items are likely to turn up in later supplements. At least, some of them will.

      • Insane_Prophet says:

        A very fair point about the cost – that fairly obvious issue slipped my mind!

        I do then question how often a is player likely to take Nem-Rath as Mercenary over their own force’s Commander? He’s an inferior leader, won’t gain experience and costs you additional Rep. I guess I’d hire him if my regular Commanders were all dead or injured, and I like the idea that a player hires Mercenaries in those sorts of situations, but it feels like a rare occurrence.

        I guess at that point I’d rather a cheaper model (who’s cheap because he refuses to get involved in the battle itself. You could have something akin to Pacifist there) and supports the Commander indirectly. But then that’s a very different model to what you’ve created, and is, I suppose, more about an interpretation of fluff than any real issues with the unit presented here.

        As he is, I feel like he could do with something a bit more to separate his flavour out from the Commander. Maybe his combat is melee, rather than range, or he has Sentry because he’s more of a observer.

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