Lots To Read

Well that was interesting.

As the new WD isn’t available anywhere I can walk to, I’ve been in town all morning. However, as I was there I thought I’d pick up some other magazines that aren’t available locally and have been browsing through the shelves of several different stores. Here is the haul:


I got Warhammer Visions yesterday and read that on the tram ride in. I read the new WD on the way back. Reviews of those coming up, probably Visions first.

Now that I’ve started talking about magazines I think I’ll do a load more reviews once I’ve finished with GW’s efforts. There are a lot of great gaming and modelling magazines out there and so it might be fun to explore a few.

While I’m in the mood to hoover things up, are there any mags you think I should look at? Print or digital, either is fine.

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22 Responses to Lots To Read

  1. Sam Dale says:

    Bombay Badonkadonks, as featured in The Big Bang Theory. I’m assured it’s a quality publication.

  2. Henry says:

    The only gaming magazine I read regularly now is No Quarter, the Privateer Press magazine. It isn’t perfect (it’s bi-monthly) and obviously focused entirely on PP products, but I do enjoy its mix of articles, some of which could probably be enjoyed by people not interested in the setting / products. Reminds me of early 90’s White Dwarf a little…

    I don’t know why they won’t make it monthly though… Also, it annoys me that they only do a battle report every other issue, making only 3 a year.

  3. Alex Cooper says:

    No Quarter is a good choice for comparison to WD, as its also mag dedicated to a single company’s games. A tete a tete review as it were would be a greatly interesting read.

    And mantics own ironwatch magazine would be another good choice. Especially as its fan written and an online free publication. The comparison between fan written and company written is an exercise all of its own!

  4. Geoffrey Briggs says:

    Being from the US I would love to see a list of different magazines to look out for. The only ones I really know of are the US version of Ravage, No Quarter, & Figure Painter. I have browsed a couple of WD but and not a GW fan due to the prices.

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