Heroes Of Normandie Army Boxes

Michael asked me yesterday how big these were, so here’s a pic. The DreadBall rulebook is lined up against the top left corner as a reference, so the HoN army boxes are slightly larger than that (all 3 army boxes are the same size).

HoN army box 2In numbers, the boxes are about 32cm x 22cm front, and about 7.5cm deep. They all come with a plastic inlay to sort stuff into once it’s burst from the frames.

HoN army box 1I’ll do a proper unboxing later, when I’ve played the core game a few times and can comment better on what the new pieces add to it.

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6 Responses to Heroes Of Normandie Army Boxes

  1. Leon says:

    My copy has no dice, wooden counters or little bags. Where yours inside the game box or separate?

  2. Leon says:

    The counters where added to all box sets

    • Quirkworthy says:

      You’re right – the British ones were added at the very last minute (literally) when it hit £150K. prior to that I’d got it as an add-on. The German and US army box ones were an add-on.

      All the counters were packed separately in my pack. The only things that were in any of the army boxes were the rules sheet and cards for the commonwealth. The other two boxes were empty when I got them.

  3. Jake, Thanks a ton… Those guys at devil pig hooked us up.. no stretch goal for the army boxes nor the inserts.. I know that added cost.. I was surprised to see the inserts and the size to be honest.. tons of room to grow.. very forward thinking of them!

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Absolutely. The boxes and inserts were a pleasant surprise. Slightly confusing though as they have box content printed on that don’t apply to the KS backers (presumably these are the trade release boxes).

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