Special Ops

Following on from yesterday, here’s another KS project I’ve pledged for: Spectre Miniatures. It’s still live so you can join in too if you like 🙂

Delta operatorThese are 28mm modern special forces and the African rebels to fight them. On show are a variety of shadowy western types from the British and American special forces, CIA, and private contractors. They’ve even brought their dog, Shep. As the Kickstarter rolls along, more and more sets of these are available to pick from. You see, each pledge gets you a certain number of 4 model sets, and it’s the options to pick from that we’re seeing expanded. Mind you, the latest promise is some more KS exclusives once the last of the currently listed stretch goals tumbles. Less than 1k to go now.

Sprectre miniatures militiaOn the flip side we have a selection of militia in the usual rag-tag mix of equipment and somewhat ostentatious (and entirely credible) fighting stances. Having recently spent some time doing photo research on Africa’s small wars, I was rather pleased to see this lot on Kickstarter. Not all are so obviously civilian in origin with a few looking fairly regimented. At least, they were before they went looting. They’ve also got witchdoctors and “bullet-proof” militia.

african warlord

Leading the militia are a selection of “big men”and warlords, in various flavours from military to sartorial.

We already have a few manufacturers doing similar types of ultra modern troopers, Empress being one example. It’s telling that Spectre have included a comparison shot with Empress (below). Looks like they’ll get along just fine 🙂

scale vs EmpressThere aren’t as many militia options about, though even with some similar things on the market, there are some unique pieces here, and some nice variations to mix in and add to the variety in those modern skirmishes.

There are also some promised rules to go along with these guys, though to be honest I’m more interested in the figures, myself. I expect to use these for Eternal Battle, and though I’ll read them, I doubt their rules will change my mind. You never know though.

All told there’s not really much to say about these guys that you can’t see from the pictures. I think they let themselves down slightly with the paint jobs, but that’s being picky. You can see the quality from the greens. Speaking of which, they’ve sculpted loads already and I’m looking forward to getting my Kickstarted toys without the traditional year’s wait 😉

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