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Oh Balls!

The Farce is strong in this one. As is the innuendo. I’ve been trying to resist mentioning it, but I can’t. It’s just too silly. I’ve mentioned Macrocosm Miniatures a few times, and shown off some of their retro-SF style … Continue reading

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Twisted Almost Over

I’ve mentioned the Twisted Kickstarter a couple of times before, and I’ll be coming back to them again, I’m sure. Hard to resist such lovely figures. As you can see in the picture, they offer these 32mm models in both … Continue reading

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What I Can Say…

Yesterday’s post was really just to let you know that I’m still doing stuff… just that most of it’s got to remain under my hat for a while. However, that’s not true of everything. One thing I’ve been helping out with … Continue reading

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15mil Loveliness – Last Day

It’s not often I’m impressed by 15mm scale foot figures. In fact, it might be never. Until now. Well, until the last Salute, when I first came across these gorgeous little offerings from the guys behind the previous year’s rather … Continue reading

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New Painting Books

Last week was quite a good one for swag. Among the many things I acquired were two different painting books, both of which look really good. Just had a quick flick through so far, and they seem to be taking quite a … Continue reading

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Dungeon Saga Beta Rules Questions

Just had an email from the chaps at Mantic Towers. They’re about ready to release the beta rules to the KS backers, and thought it might be useful to have a thread here for you guys to feed back any comments … Continue reading

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Queries About The DS Pledge Manager

Mantic asked me to pass on the contact for any questions you might have relating to the DS pledge manager itself. It’s If I was clever then I could make that a link that opened a new email for you. If … Continue reading

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