There’s Your Dragon

dragonThe latest Dungeon Sagas update is the stretch goal for one last expansion, and this time it’s got a dragon!

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  1. Nakano says:

    After this advanced rules require a dragon design chapter too 🙂 Both unfriendly and friendly type of dragons which may not harm you unless you steel their treasure, dragon eggs etc.

  2. Danny says:

    Although I’m a bit sceptical how such a large creature will play inside a dungeon (what base size will it require 2 x 4 or a larger 3 x 6), even though it comes with extra large tiles, I’m still very happy with having it come along as a stretch goal.

    The concept sketch is a nice one and I hope the mini turns out to be similar in both style and pose. The expansion flyer says it comes with Magic Spell cards too, which is cool…I wonder if this is for the Dragon to use or for the Heroes.

    Some more furniture and doors are always usable as well.

    I was secretly hoping that the 3rd expansion would have been Ogres. Mantic Ogres are simply the best looking ones on the market in my opinion. Still, I’ll make my own expansion for Ogres 🙂

    This will certainly draw in a lot of backers who may have been sitting on the fence, and it will also see a lot of pledgers up their pledges. I feel fairly confident we’ll reach the $925K required.

    A great stretch goal.

    Unless we get something else pop up (which is always possible I suppose), this is my final purchase list.

    2 x Tracked Courier Postage = $80
    2 x Dungeon Master Pledge = $200
    2 x Warlord of Galahir Expansions = $50
    2 x Infernal Crypts Expansions = $50
    2 x The Tyrant of Halpi Expansion = $50
    4 x Dungeon Doors = $20
    2 x Acrylic Counter Upgrades = $30
    2 x Resin Counters Upgrades = $20
    4 x Trap Counters = $32
    4 x Dungeon Critters Upgrades = $32

    Pledge Total $564

    • Quirkworthy says:

      The update says that this will include some outdoor tiles as well 🙂

      • Danny says:

        Ahahahaha, yes, I just read that myself and it clicked. This line of text in the update explains it all 🙂

        *and powerful wings to transport him from tile to tile. Clever use of the network of tunnels*

        • mastertugunegb says:

          If there will be ‘Henchmen’ or some other kind of ‘Retainers’ available before the dragon expansion, even pets, it’d be awesome to see a ‘pick up and throw’ option for the Dragon, and maybe tile wide breath attacks… Make the thing worthy of a band of (Legendary?) Heroes.

  3. eriochrome says:

    Still put dragons in the bestiary in different sizes though.

  4. Danny says:

    Well, its just turned midnight here so I’m off to bed. Day off work tomorrow so I’ll sleep in until 8am then drag myself out of bed and check the KS…at that time it should have about 1 hour to run. If the Americans can keep the same pace they have for the last 3 hours for their entire Sunday, then we will hit around $960K…if they pick the pace up any, which is quite possible, we just might break the $1 Million…this means I might have to add more cash to my pledge in the morning if Mantic add any more cool stretch goals after the $925K Dragon gets busted!

    They did mention something earlier about a 5500 backers stretch goal too…so I’ll just have to see what morning brings 🙂

  5. Warren B. says:

    That sketch has a lot of problems. It looks better than Mantic’s previous attempts at dragons, but only just.

  6. Danny says:

    You must be very happy with the final Kickstarter backer numbers and pledge total, Jake?

    5963 Backers and $1,057,975…awesome stuff!!!

    553 of those backers went it at the $1 pledge level, so the Pledge Manager will drag in another $50,000 – $100,000 by the time its closed off. A great result and a highly successful Kickstarter.

    Considering this success, I feel that Ronnie will be more than open to supporting the game into the future with further Expansion Packs and other supplemental rules etc…especially since I feel that this game will also sell very well in retail, especially if the marketing for it is done well.

    Such an enormous amount of work there for you though, with all the various mechanics and game aspects to be developed and tested. I guess that you would have to have it all finished a few months before delivery so there is time to get it all formatted and printed and shipped.

    Good luck and please continue to share whatever you are allowed to share 🙂

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