Weird Stats

Not game stats, but website stats. This morning I looked at the stats for this site to see how many page views there had been. At that point there had been 270. The strange thing was that there had, apparently, only been 1 visitor…

Checking back later, there is still supposedly only 1 visitor today, but they’ve now looked at some 340-odd pages.

The page views sounds about right. The number of visitors is clearly wrong because more than one different person has posted a comment today.

Does anyone else have a site they could check to see if it’s a WordPress issue or something odd with this site specifically?


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8 Responses to Weird Stats

  1. PikaRapH says:

    This is really strange as everybody (well, I mean lots of gamers) should have gone to the Deadzone FAQ page ^^

  2. davekay says:

    I also have a low number of visitors today – 13 so far. It was 13 40 views ago, and its 13 now. My total is 55 rather than 340, however the visitor number is low, and I’m expecting it to update sometime today.

    This happened to me on another day, where I had about 60 views and 1 visitor, then later in the day the visitor numbers updated.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Thanks Dave. As long as it’s not just me then I don’t mind. It’s just a little disconcerting when things start looking wrong. You wonder what else is misbehaving…

      • davekay says:

        Very true!

        I also start to feel a bit guilty about how often I will check my stats. When I got up this morning there were 19 hits from 13 visitors, the hits are now 65, but the visitors haven’t changed.

        I was wondering if maybe the same people were coming back to the site later in the day, but I think something is playing up at WordPress.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          I am sure that people do occasionally wander back in the same day. It seems unlikely that this accounts for all of it though.

          I’ll see if it rights itself in a few hours.

  3. davekay says:

    My stats are fixed so, so yours should be, Jake.

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