Did You Miss This?

I’m a bit surprised by the sparsity of comments on my post about design theory. Did it get lost in the shuffle? There have been some great suggestions so far, I just thought there might be a few more enquiring minds out there.

Still taking suggestions 🙂

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4 Responses to Did You Miss This?

  1. garathon66 says:

    Nothing particularly crossed my mind on the first read- I don’t see issues or questions in rule sets until I come up against them…but looking again it would be interesting to see how you go about balancing and playtesting rules, in particular I’m thinking about the Asterians for DZ as I cannot get my head around how they are supposed to fit into 70pt games?

  2. crimsonsun says:

    No I read this and have intended to write a reply but with my tendency to write very long posts it can actually take a very long time for me to say anything and I simply have not had the time yet, I am halfway though a post on someone else’s blog as well as one for my own which between them total around 4000 words already and surprisingly enough took several hours to write. So its not so much a case of I’ve just not got around to posting one yet!


  3. heretic30k says:

    How do you ensure that an idea has enough design space to provide longevity? A big challenge of your Mantic work would seems to be that with a Kickstarter you cannot be completely sure how far it will go and so you need some amount of elasticity. Also with DBX and the upcoming DZ2 – how much of that material was ‘leftovers’ from the original design space not being completely tapped out compared with new concepts arising from real world feedback after the original game? Would be interesting to know and to give some specific examples of design choices arising from this if this isn’t too much of a look behind the magician’s curtain 🙂

  4. Coops says:

    I’m kinda in the same boat as crimsonsun here. Got a lot of questions and suggestions but as its been a long time since i last worked on my own game, I really need to get my head around it and get back in the frame of mind before I realise what help I could really benefit from and therefore what questions to ask. Ill get there

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