Martians In Deadzone

From some of the comments I’ve got, it seems that people have got a bit confused about the Martian (and Human) decks of cards for Deadzone. These cards are for Deadzone only, and are written as if Mars Attacks (the game) does not exist. You are not expected to use anything from Mars Attacks except the models. So, when it refers to an ability on a card, it is the Deadzone version of that ability it refers to. As I said, the cards are for Deadzone.

Several of the ability names are the same in both games. This is to remind you of the general effect of a rule at a glance if you already know it, and is a perfectly good name if you don’t. However, because the game rules are different, the detail of how they achieve this similar effect is sometimes different.

A few people have got the cards early, and not the accompanying text. They seem to have jumped to the slightly odd conclusion that the cards refer to the Mars Attacks versions of the abilities and discovered that they don’t work properly in a different game (not terribly surprising when you think about it). The MA rules refer to things that are not used in DZ like heroics and critters.

Rather than thinking that there might be some clarifying rules missing, folk have assumed that it was all a horrible blunder. A classic piece of internet panic. The truth is that the cards, and their accompanying rules, were written back in May and have just been waiting for the world of production to catch up. Alles in ordnung, as they say.

Where/when will these rules be published? I’ve no idea. Not long would be my guess. Probably when the main batch of the cards go out when the last of that wave of items comes into the warehouse. Those decks that have already been sent out are very few in number and are something of an oddity to do with the distribution process (apparently they were sent to people who ordered a very limited and unusual selection of items – the bulk of the orders aren’t out yet).

Either way, there is no need to worry. The rules are written for DZ and don’t rely on using other games to make them work. DZ and MA are two separate and different games. You can play either separately. As this deck is for DZ it has DZ rules and needs nothing from MA (other than models).

I’ll be seeing the folks at Mantic today and will ask about the details. Stay tuned for an update when I get back.

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11 Responses to Martians In Deadzone

  1. sho3box says:

    I have played seven games of MA so far and I am really enjoying it. The stripped down, high turnover rate of the games currently appeals more to my gaming group than the extra detail in Deadzone. So much so that we were thinking about how to translate the DZ forces and terrain into the MA ruleset in fact.

    Other than dealing with the vertical elements on the terrain not present in MA (we would likely simply port the DZ rules, possibly simplifying them if they required it) I think that it seems pretty manageable, in theory at least.

    Any thoughts that you might have on the subject would be happily received, assuming that you have the time of course 🙂

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Going from DZ to MA is not something I’ve thought about much. The general thinking was that people would start simple and graduate the other way. Still, as you say, it shouldn’t present too many major hurdles. Do let us know how you get on 🙂

      • sho3box says:

        Tastes vary and I know that I wanted different things from my games twenty years ago than I currently do, so the more streamlined approach in MA appeals to me a bit more.

        With the spread of stat lines in the three MA rulebooks Im not sure exactly how much wiggle room there is to make the units individual, but I suspect that I could work something out.

        If I get around to codifying something I will let you know, but In the meantime I have many more games of MA to play before I feel the need to start writing my own add-on rules for it, but I am mulling it over.

        Thanks for the response.

      • lord_blackfang says:

        Well, the obvious problem (at least as far as Mantic’s regular customers go) with thinking that players will start with MA and move on to DZ is that DZ was released first 😉

    • Gormath says:

      I too would love to see this. I very much enjoy a simpler system that I can sit back, have a few laughs, drinks a few brews and roll some dice. And if some fun event cards were made with the deadzone theme to go with it that too would be great!

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  3. lord_blackfang says:

    Sorry for flipping out over Chinese whispers, Jake.

  4. Coops says:

    Hi Jake

    Sorry for the crossed wires and all. I did just want clarification and now I/we have it. So thank you very much.

    I think it was clear I was missing some sort of extra document. Which is why I, with some help from the mantic forumites brought to your attention.

    Thanks again. This clears up all my questions.

    However… it does raise one more minor query. The “Pheremone Dispensor” makes reference to “Barely Controlled”. The wording in the pdf makes the rules entirely clear. I understand how it works. All is good on that side… but no Martian deck card has “Barely Controlled” printed on it. I am taking it was left off unintentionally when the cards were made/printed. Misprint. Not your fault.

    To that end, I assume the mutant bug card is supposed to have it? And Wrex as well maybe?

    Sorry to be a bother.

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