Review: Spectre Miniatures – First Look

This morning I got a handful of figures from Spectre Miniatures‘ Kickstarter.


These are a range of ultra-modern 28mm figures that cover both western forces, PMCs (Private Military Contractors – mercenaries), and indigenous African troops, militias and rebels. I chose to pick up just western forces and PMCs as they are useful in a wider context than Africa, and in any case I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. I just thought they looked interesting 🙂

The models come packaged in boxes, each containing one of the sets they are sold in.


Inside the boxes the miniatures are neatly packaged in a layer of what looks like hamster bedding. It’s a bit messy and goes everywhere, but it seems to have done the job of keeping the models safe and intact. It might even have some reusability as scale straw ;P


And here they are out of the bedding and ready to roll.


I’ll have a more detailed look at them when I’ve tried cleaning some up. For now, I’d just like to point out that most of them come as either a single piece, or in two parts (separate backpack on the SAS, one PMC shooter has separate arms). At first glance they look very nicely cast with few mould lines and so on to clean up. The models themselves have realistic scaled weapons, so they’re quite small. I like that. I also very much approve of the lack of infilling between arms and bodies – a common feature of gaming models to get them to cast in a smaller number of pieces, but often unsightly when viewed from above (in other words, the view you usually have of them in a game). These Spectre models have a gap where there should be a gap, as you can see here.


So on first glance I’d have to say that they look very nice 🙂

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3 Responses to Review: Spectre Miniatures – First Look

  1. Teemu Hemminki says:

    Makes mixed feelings for me.
    + All modern miniatures in 28mm are welcome.
    + These have that Jagged Alliance feel with militia for a banana republic and hired guns to work with rebels.
    +/- They don’t seem to be as detailed as is supposed to be “standard” these days. Doesn’t bother me.
    – Heroic scale.
    – Did I spot only two female models in the whole line?

    I might buy them someday for Jagged Alliance wargame, if not better competitors come by then.

  2. berger15 says:

    I got these minis and found them to be really nicely sculpted. More detailed than a number of other companies figs I have. They have also kept the detail to a more true reflection of the equipment worn, rather than having extra straps, helmets etc just for the look. I found they are less heroic scale than most, but not true scale – somewhere in between. No bad thing. My only gripe is the gun barrels. Being sculpted to nearer true scale, they are very thin and easy to bend. Otherwise, brilliant.

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