Queries About The DS Pledge Manager

Mantic asked me to pass on the contact for any questions you might have relating to the DS pledge manager itself. It’s luke.watson@manticgames.com

If I was clever then I could make that a link that opened a new email for you. If I was clever….

Alternatively, if you don’t want to cut and paste that address you can contact them via the Kickstarter directly.

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7 Responses to Queries About The DS Pledge Manager

  1. Daniel says:

    you need to click on the chain symbol in your WordPress, after highlighting the address (or whatever you a trying to link from). As a URL, you type “mailto:” and then the address.

  2. Robert Morgan says:

    Hi Quirkworthy, Thanks for that, the link opened up a new e-mail form on my iPad 2 without any problem. Many thanks Rob

    Sent from my iPad


  3. eriochrome says:

    I assume this is for stuff like problems selecting things and not my questions about what and how many tiles are in the expansion or what monsters are in the bestiary.

  4. David says:

    About ‘The Return Of Valandor’, if I click on it, it says it is part of the DM pledge, are the dungeon tiles of this set other tiles than from the Dwarf campaign?

    About ‘The Tyrant of Halpi’, there are again doors and furniture in it. But in the DM pledge are already some included and in the black fortress package.
    Will every package have different furniture and doors? Make it sense to have so many of them?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      All four expansion pack include new tiles that are different to those in the core set.

      Only the expansions listed have additional furniture and doors (most don’t).

      All, or almost all of the stuff included in an expansion is used in its adventures. The exceptions are a few of the bits of furniture and some of the cards. These extra cards are more magic items, spells and so on to expand your own Adventurer’s Companion games.

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