A Second DS Playtest Day

In case you don’t subscribe to the Mantic newsletter, yesterday’s had this little snippet in:

“After the great feedback we had at the first event, we’re holding a second Dungeon Saga Playtest Day on the 7th March. Get in touch with Dave if you want to help us test our biggest and best game yet!”


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7 Responses to A Second DS Playtest Day

  1. Shane says:

    Any chance of getting a live feed of one of the tables? I’d love to go but its a bit of a trip from New Zealand…

  2. In the beta rules how much of the basic content will be tested, skills and items for the core campaign only or will monsters/mechanics for the warlord of galhir/abysmal crypts also be tested? And/or profiles of any of the other heroes?

  3. Smud says:

    I would love to join, but from Germany it’s kind of a long trip… Even though it not as long as the one from New Zealand ;).

  4. Ukko says:

    The feedback and even more importantly the amount of articles/videos/reviews from the 2nd play test will have a HUGE influence on the amount of money I’m adding in the pledge manager. Please encourage every play tester to write at least something in BGG about the test as there is so little info about the game available. Especially some critiques would be awesome since many times one gamer’s dislike is another’s reason to throw extra 200€ at the game.

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