I went to a local games show called Hammerhead yesterday, which was a bit of a break from sitting at my computer. It was the first time in a while that I’d been to a show with no work to do. Well, not much beyond a bit of research, at any rate. It was great to just bimble about and look at the stalls and the games – like a “normal” gamer.

Anyway, I wasn’t going to write up a long report, just wanted to say that it was a great show and that you should consider making the trip next year if you didn’t yesterday. Have a look at the link above to see a video (with pictures and everything) of the 2014 show. It was in the same venue, which was really rather good. One wall was floor to (30 foot) ceiling glass, so it was unusually light for a games show.

Of course, in the UK we’ve got Salute and the Expo coming soon(ish), so they’ll make this look rather small. Even so, I arrived at about lunchtime and could easily have occupied myself all day if I’d got there sooner. When kicking out time came I hadn’t managed to play a single game, despite there being at least 50 participation games on the go. Mostly I’d been nosing around the traders and talking to people I know. Sometimes both at the same time 😉

I also spent a little money buying toys, more of which anon. Not that I need more miniatures, but you know how it is…

Today I’ve got a couple of DB bits to finish before I properly get back to DS, so bear with me and I’ll be back with more cool stuff tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Hammerhead

  1. eriochrome says:

    What? Go out and have a little fun. No you must be chained to your computer with just enough slack to reach the game table for playtesting.

    Sounds like recharging the batteries fun that we all need from time to time.

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