Signs & Portents

solar-eclipse-152834_640I write this in a world dimmed by an eclipse, and very dramatic it is too. Even though I have seen them before, it’s easy to see why less scientific cultures thought this a great omen.

And, if we want to see omens, then we can see it as a portent of the end of my current work on Dungeon Saga. Print deadline is coming up fast, which is why I’ve not been on here much. The time I was going to spend writing articles about it has been spent working on it instead. Mainly not writing as that’s already done, but tweaking, replaying and checking details raised by playtesters and other feedback.

Next week, when it’s largely out of my hands, I’ll be back with more posts. Till then, watch the skies…

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12 Responses to Signs & Portents

  1. Hiro says:

    Does this mean we might see the game earlier than August as predicted? 😀

  2. Nakano says:

    Had you time to write any extra content/topics for advanced rules as you hinted before?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I’ve done quite a few bits. The first order of business though is to get the core stuff as clean as possible. There’s been a lot to get done without adding extras 🙂

      My latest tweak was to do with feats. I’ve made getting them more flexible so that you can better individualise your DIY Heroes.

  3. Matt Price says:

    Bravo! Was this for the base game, or the whole enchilada, advanced rules and all? Looking forward to seeing your next few posts on this site, and learning more about the game. Be careful. I’m pretty sure a solar eclipse means the sun and moon are fighting, and that your halfling thief won’t be able to get past level 3 until you clear than ancient keep of skeletons and orcs.

  4. Tyr says:

    Shame, wouldve loved to see the advanced rules before they were finalised… ah well. 🙂

  5. Tyr says:

    So… with next week being almost over, any new info? 🙂

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