Hacking v2

While I’m updating stuff…

I’ve removed Reputation as nobody seems to like it apart from me and Seb. Hacking is largely as it was, with the exception of a cost hike (as it no longer has a Reputation cost).

Hacking v2

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11 Responses to Hacking v2

  1. Lee says:

    Aw man! No reputation? Are you 100% settled on that? I feel that has a lot of potential and can be a characterful to leagues and campaigns, just maybe a tweak or two…I mentioned one in the original thread. I am in no way biased on the part that some pieces of the challenge cup may or may not mention reputation….:(

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Essentially, the response was entirely negative. It’s not a case of minor tweaks to address the issues, there was a wholesale lack of enthusiasm. Perhaps I just explained it badly as I still think it’s an excellent addition, personally.

      Whatever the case, you can scratch it off the list for DB for now. I’ll eventually use the rule somewhere else, I expect. For now it’ll just go on the shelf for homeless rules 🙂

  2. norscan says:

    *characterful addition

  3. Jason Newell says:

    Shame. I was of the opposite opinion. I liked the reputation idea but hate the hacking.

  4. Atredes says:

    I loved the reputation rule. My group was even talking about house ruling some MVPs that would only play for Positive Reputation coaches and maybe some MVPs who would lower the reputation being used (like Drakk the Pile-Driving beast).

  5. Lamanzer says:

    I think most of players were focus on new teams. 🙂

  6. Seb says:

    Hi Jake!
    My friends and I think about all these rules.

    Hacking :
    I like these rules, but I think it miss something important! A firewall for the other team!
    5mc is better. It had to be expansive.
    So, with the firewall rule, a player could buy a firewall to block a hacking attack from an other player.
    The most important with all of that, is the possibility to buy secretly Hacking attacks or defense. So, a card with each hack seems to be a cool stuff.
    Players got some cards, and the opponent don’t know what in my hand (attack ? defense ?)

    We’ll try these with my friend for a league, just to see if this could be fun.

    A friend telle me a new idea for a hack : change of time. The player could change Rush Turn (2 rushes back – so we’re in Rush 10. No ! We’re in Rush 8!), but with Firewall defense, it should stop.

    Reputation :
    Yes, I still think that Reputation could be a very cool rule for Leagues!
    Maybe the first rule need to have more options.
    So, I thought about this since two days.
    I’m writing rules for them right now, but I need to talk with my players group.

    I took the “Increasing Rank” from DBX as base for a new rule. A reputation test to increase the Team Reputation.
    If the roll is a total fail (no success), the Reputation should get down.
    Actions, results, deads, fouls, all of these could be useful to give modificators to a Reputation test.
    It have to gave bonus, but malus too. I still have to think about it.

    I like the Reputation table, for the publicity. But need to have lots of options/results.

    So, Jake, I’ll try to send here a complete rule for sunday. Maybe too late, but I can use it later for my own league 🙂

    • Seb says:

      Argh! Read “Expensive”, not expansive…
      Sorry for my english guys! hope that’s not to hard to read!

      Other point : should be possible to buy several firewall or not?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Hey Seb,

      the firewall idea is an interesting one, though I don’t think it really fits with the rest of DB. In general, DB has benefits that the other player cannot block, so I’d like to retain this style with the hacking.

      With reputation, I’d be interested to see what you come up with. I think it’s an idea we can perhaps revisit later.

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