More Samurai

Inspired by the Ashigaru, and tempted by a superb piece of timing from North Star, I got a few more toys this morning 🙂

WF Rising Sun boxes

This is one each of the four boxes that make up Wargames Factory’s Rising Sun range. As the Ashigaru were good, I thought I’d have a look at the rest of them. More on this when I’ve actually opened the boxes…

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7 Responses to More Samurai

  1. David says:

    I need to get all these boxes, too.
    Do you play game with your samurais?

    In Germany we have some people who are making Battleboards for SAGA. I’m not sure if they exist also in english.

  2. braxandur says:

    I was pretty impressed with the samurai, though putting one together (or even a complete box) can take some time and you can (imho) end up with delicate models. I’m looking forward to your impression of them

    • David says:

      I think very important is to use a toothpick or similiar to put the glue on the plastic, not directly from the bottle.
      But it should not need so much time.
      1. Put the plastic glue on 5-7 parts you want to glue
      2. beginn after it gluing them together, starting with the first in the same order you put glue on them.

      It is similiar to speedpainting, only speedgluing.

      • Quirkworthy says:

        It depends on the glue you use. I use Plastic Weld, and apply it with an old brush.

        • David says:

          With an old brush is also a good possibility. Some glues have also a brush in the bottle, but I’m not sure if
          The reason for putting the glue on 5-7 parts is mainly that it often needs a moment until the plastic is so melded that you do not need to hold the parts long together. Makes the welding faster if few parts wait till they are glued. Normally I touch with the part with glue on it short the counterpart.

  3. braxandur says:

    you guys are right, the glueing part is not that bad, that normally also doesn’t cost that much time. Finding the pose that I want to have a model in can take some time though…

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