Mr Potato Head, Body, Legs…

potato_models_1You find inspiring stuff for gaming and modelling in the strangest corners. For an amazing sculptor in a very non-gaming environment, have a look at the video in this report.

potato_models_2He makes his models from cooked potato and plaster. Even so, note how he is still using the same process any sculptor of 28mm figures would use, researching his subject, building an armature, and then working over the top. And, though there are fewer details than we might be used to, the pose and character of the figures is great.

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1 Response to Mr Potato Head, Body, Legs…

  1. Thank you very much for pointing this out. That is some superb stuff. I am surprised he mixes in potato (starch?) and plaster, but I assume that makes it better to work with and less brittle. I went to Peru years ago and really enjoyed my time there. The country has its problems (as any country does), but it is rich in culture and people. When I go back (hopefully soon) I’ll check out this artist and shall get one of these. They are just beautiful. I also love the political contexts he represents. As he says: “Showing life as it is”. I think this truely makes it art and a social commentary. I think you could do similar things with miniatures (as is often the case in museum dioramas) elevating a niche hobby to art that can make aware of societies shortcomings, past and present, but can also be very educational and inspire an understanding of the past.

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