GoA Unboxing Vid

I try not to post all the promo stuff various companies push out, but this amused me so I thought I’d share. The chap doing the unboxing is so excited that he doesn’t seem to breathe…

Certainly looks like a full box of stuff.

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10 Responses to GoA Unboxing Vid

  1. Bobalot says:

    That looks like a lovely starter set – I always appreciate it when a company takes the time to lay out their boxes ina neat way rather than just throwing the stuff in. The reference sheet on the box divider was a nice touch. Dammit now I have another game I want to try!

  2. Erion says:

    The book looks to be excellent from the rather rapid flip-through in the video. Beasts of War has one to unbox as well. Warren was being a tease in one of their Antares VLOG updates.

  3. Thomas Cato says:

    Why does he speak so fast???? It’s so annoying to listen to.

  4. Looks great, but I’ve bought into games no one else wants to play so I think I’ll pass and just get the rule book. The book itself looks great and I’m really hoping the game takes off as it looks like a rich universe in the vein of Dune or Mass Effect that holds the possibility of new races beyond space orks, elves, alien like critters etc.

    The audio sounds speeded up like he is subliminally insinuating that there is so much packed in the box that he has to cram his unboxing in a breathless 5min.! Would love to see how many takes it took to say all of it without flubbing 😉

    • Erion says:

      Each of the six armies in the core book is descended from humanity, either evolving or engineering themselves into what they’ve become. At least one non-human alien race, the Vorl, is known to exist in the game’s background, but doesn’t appear in the book as a playable force. In the earliest days of the game’s development there was talk of Pan-Simians (uplifted apes) as well, but it’s not clear if that will still be something they’ll explore.

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