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GoA Unboxing Vid

I try not to post all the promo stuff various companies push out, but this amused me so I thought I’d share. The chap doing the unboxing is so excited that he doesn’t seem to breathe… Certainly looks like a full box of … Continue reading

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What’s Your Opinion?

It’s an interesting time for SF gaming. For many years there’s been 40K and not a great deal else in the way of large scale 28mm SF battle games. Yes, there have been others, and some have done OK for a … Continue reading

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Gates of Antares Concord Plastics Review

The opponent for the Ghar battle squad in the Gates of Antares starter box are the Concord infantry. I can’t find a good close up of the painted plastic squad on its own, so here’s the whole set’s contents shot. The Concord are … Continue reading

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