Before I Forget

A while back I mentioned that a project I was working on would be revealed after Essen. Well, Essen’s come and gone and I’ve not mentioned it. The reason is that it’s been shelved for a while. Not canned, just postponed while we wait to see what someone else is up to. Apparently there’s another game which is very close to what we were doing and we don’t want to go head to head with it.

So that’s what happened with that.

Actually, this sort of thing happens a lot; probably a lot more than most folk outside the industry realise. Mostly you don’t get this reprieve though – you just get canned. So this is good 🙂

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2 Responses to Before I Forget

  1. Sam says:

    Would this have anything to do with GW announcing the come back of specialist games I wonder? 😉

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