Building Site

It’s a mess here. Builders have spent the last few days smashing old plaster off walls, humping rubble about, and drinking lots of tea.

Today is day 2 without hot water or heating, with a puzzle in the plumbing that doesn’t want to be solved. Today they started turning the electricity on and off as they worked as well, meaning that this is written on my iPad.

All this needs to be done and they are making clear progress. It’s not conducive to getting much work done though.

And the cats are not impressed.

If this was all at 1:50th then it would be fine. Sadly, it’s a 1:1 scale job 🙂

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4 Responses to Building Site

  1. eriochrome says:

    Hopefully it gets sorted. As hopefully it is not like -4 C outside like here right now.

  2. Pikaraph says:

    You’re in a deadzone it seems 😀

  3. Let us know if they expose any Veer-myn trying to conquer your neighborhood. We’ll send in Unit 17…

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