DS Reprints

Mantic asked me today if there were any bits that needed correcting in RoV or AC. I said we should ask you guys, so here I am 🙂

The instructions on what sort of thing they’re after was: “We’re looking for typos and incorrect rules more than anything, like the Shield bash special rule being on the card but not in the book, or any wrong symbols on the cards.”

And, before you ask, they need to know any corrections by midnight GMT on the 23rd. Not long then.

So, if you have the time and the inclination, please take a look and let us know. In particular, as AC has already had quite a lot of comment, it would be good to hear if anyone’s been through RoV and found anything amiss.

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44 Responses to DS Reprints

  1. Pikaraph says:

    – the 6 Invisible Overlord Dragon cards get the Orc icon on them.

    – Raise Dead Overlord command has enough space to write the rule on it to make it clearly different from the Raise Dead spell (no LOS limitation, which models to raise…).

    And all the questions I sent you today… and maybe more ^^

  2. Mike Miller says:

    I feel like there is a lot of material still over in the FAQ thread that could be officially integrated? Especially, but not limited to whether or not the Demon Hunter starts with a shooting dice stat, and how increases to shooting dice work (both in general, and specifically in the following situations: taking a dice increase with no base stat, taking a long increase when you have a short stat or vice versa, whether taking multiple shooting dice of the same type is permitted).

    • Nakano says:

      On Adventure 1 of Infernal Crypts, level total is 20. So Arianya is probably at least on level 3. On level 3, she can get “+1 Shooting Dice (Short)”. The first upgrade apparently gives +2 short shooting (need to be explained in rules how the first and the second upgrade work, there is the minimum rule of always using 2 dice, though) and if she would get second “+1 Shooting Dice (Short)”, the ability would be +3 (need to be explained in rules are shooting abilities Ranked or not). It’s also a little strange that Demon Hunter has one “Shooting Dice (Long)”, but it probably is correct then. Might be useful.

      I would suggest Mantic and you Jake go through the FAQ site to know which things confuse people and which need fixes or more detailed explanations.

    • Tyr says:

      ^This. As it is, its not really clear how gaining ranged dice works. You could only ever gain 1 die, but roll 2 dice due to the limit. And you cant ever upgrade that to anything worth using. Probably worth fixing by adding a paragraph somewhere in the character creation rules.

    • Seems sort of counter-intuitive to have some dice bonuses that stack while others (the level progression ones) that don’t.

      It does make some items useful true, but would be nice to be able to take ‘+1 Shoot dice’ more than once on the relevant progression level and have them stack. So taking it twice would get you +2 Shoot Dice total. It’s already capped by the inability to roll more than 6 dice on a test anyway.

  3. Nakano says:

    Adventure Companion could actually have starting level information for the pre-made heroes. In case we want to start with them and develop them further with Adventure Companion.

    A footnote somewhere that items cannot be sold to in-game shop would be helpful. Note could be added to page 33 where is talked selling items between heroes.

  4. Matt Price says:

    I”m sure you’ve seen this, but please point the folks at this summary of AC issues:


    I’m sure they’re aware of most of these, but I bet they might catch another one or two by giving the thread a good read. (and checking their emotions at the door – this being the internet, some folks are less, say, objective in their commentary)

  5. Jawbreaker says:

    Item SPELLBANE is a shield but it has wrong icon symbol on the bottom.

  6. Tyr says:

    Stuff to add: (Stuff that would be nice to have, but might be hard to implement without testing marked with -*)
    – Clarifications for ranged dice as mentioned above.
    – Clarification: How do interactions between long and short range dice on a single character work (ie, demon hunter can choose both long and short range dice. If both are chosen, does that mean long range stack with short range at close range? Is there even any reason to choose short ranged?)
    – How do timed missions work with IO (paragraph on how timers work in this mode)*
    – existing errata on how ambiguous uncharted dungeon cards work (where the arrow points between two squares)*
    -* Fix for custom spellcasters: guaranteed access to break ward, or alternative to warded doors if no character with BW is available
    – Fix for demon hunter: Speed of a bullet is listed at the same time as ranged attacks first become available, making SoaB a dead skill unless a ranged die is chosen at lvl 5 or higher. Suggest switching it with teller of tales at lvl 4.
    -* Fix for halfling: Currently the weakest hero choice, maybe give them the small skill? Its not a huge buff or anything, but it seems fitting and makes them unique. Seems like it mightve been an oversight that they dont have it?
    – Clarification on earning feats, currently it *seems* like you cant get one until your hero is level 2 (has to be level 1, and has to be able to level up this downtime)
    – Clarification that all ranged units in the bestiary have long range

    Ill check the book in-depth tomorrow and add some more stuff.

  7. eriochrome says:

    I will assume you have seen my ac faq so I will just add that the card sets need to be numbered. Providing an unnumber 250 card set for a game pretty much tells me mantic has no faith in their packing as they make it considerable work to check the card sets which would should be trivial for the 50 card sets and managable for the ac if they were numbered.

  8. eriochrome says:

    Rov card set questions:
    Rattleprats weaponeeers has deft throw and marksman listed.
    Holy water needs a time frame reference like next fight or fight this turn.
    How do you treat io cards that raise specific minions that might not be allowed models for the specific quest.

  9. I take it this is just typos getting corrected and not better explanations for rules such as calculating threat, overlord card decks and searching furniture.

  10. Sebastian says:

    With the ability to break the wards of magically locked doors, Mages (and to a degree (and your usage of house rules) other spellcasting characters) are a must to include into every party – the Barbarian might be able to break down the most sturdy locked door, but he won’t be able to smash the magic wards on the one magically sealed door the Dungeon Lord put up to slow the party down.

    With Thieves and their lock-picking abilities I found them to be a bit lacking. Why not give them a go at magic wards too to reduce the workload the Mages have to do? So here’s my go at the lock-picking skill of the Thief class:

    Lockpicking: Each time a model with the Lockpicking ability spends their turn trying to open a lock its value is reduced by 1. When this reaches zero the lock has been opened. If it was a door then it is removed. If it was a trasure chest or other item with a hidden compartment then the Hero who opened it takes all the items that were inside. If the lock is magically warded, the lock-picking character rolls 1D6. On a 4+ the ward is reduced by one.

    Master Locksmith: This works excactly like Lockpicking, except it reduces a lock by two instead of 1 each time it is used. If the Master Locksmith is trying to open a magical ward, roll 1D6. On a roll of 3-5 the strenght of the magical ward is reduced by 1. On a 6 it is reduced by 2.

    I think this change of rules/variant will make Thieves more interesting and more widely usuable in any party of adventurers.

    Furthermore I dislike the usage of spell cards to break the magical wards a Dungeon Lord might have put in place. For once, there are only two ward-breaking spell cards in the Petty Magic deck (and a newly rolled Wizard must hope to draw one from his random picks or spent his or her free pick of spells on something boring like a Break Ward spell) and on the other hand the rules for all spellcasters having access to the Petty Magic deck are dubious at most.

    Here’s my take on the ability all spellcasters get when being created (remove the Break Ward spell from the Petty Magic deck, keep the Dissolve Ward spell):

    Spellcaster: The model can use magic to cast spells. Furthermore a spellcaster is able to break Magic Wards. When adjacent to a magical ward, a spellcaster can (once per turn) use a minior spell action to roll 1D6. Wizards add +2 to the roll, Druid/Cleric add +1 to the roll, Paladins add nothing. On a 4+ the roll succeeds and the ward is reduced by one.

    This will enable all spellcasting characters to be able to break magical wards, while still keeping the Wizard the get-go class to do so.

  11. Stu says:

    Images for the legendary sides of the character mats – they look a bit rubbish with just the weird ‘cloudy smoke’ graphic. I first saw it on beasts of war and thought it must have been a placeholder in their pre release set but nope..

  12. Mike says:

    How about clarification on line of sight?

    • Ben Turner says:

      ^^^ THIS ^^^

      There are conflicting reports of what the LOS rules are all over BGG. A much better example diagram might help here too.

      LOS rules are devilish, and need to be explained well, and right now it’s a bit of a throwaway “any part of the square to any part of the target” – which in my interpretation means if two people are either side of the bookcase (like in the example) they can still draw a line from one corner, along the line, to the other corner ?

      Need to clarify the edge cases, and the meaning of “any to any” – some have read it as “all of the square to all of the target’s square”, which is clearly overly restrictive, but nonetheless the ambiguity causes problems with group play.

  13. MacTof says:

    I don’t understand what means “nearby” in the Naiad’s “cool waters” feat. Does it means adjacent, short range, tile, entire dungeon, … ?

    • Pikaraph says:

      This is only fluff : the rule is after this sentence –> ” For the rest of this Round, no enemy model may move adjacent to a friendly Hero if they are not already there. Enemies are also prohibited from making a Free Strike or breaking away.”
      This is why I hate fluff in the middle of the rules ^^

  14. eriochrome says:

    How do the two special added abilities of the overlord in RoV interface with the IO rules? Are they accounted for in the additional cards or do you still do them seperately? If so what are the rules for them in terms of ordering or placement.

  15. Richard Miles says:

    The rules for selecting spells when a wizard knows multiple lores/extra spells could do with greater explanation.

    Knowing multiple lores does the wizard;

    Pick a lore shuffle 6 select 2, choose 1 from any other spell they could know.

    Shuffle all lores known, shuffle 6, select 2 choose 1 from all spells they could know.

    When able to have extra spells are the extra spells taken from the 6 shuffled or is it added to the ‘choose a spell’ mechanic?

  16. eriochrome says:

    While it is fine for Ronnie to says things like:

    In almost every case that has had nothing to do with the quality of the product or the game play, but in fact it has been with our inability to get the right items to the right people at the right time.

    in a pr blogpost, I hope he does not actually believe it as it continues to undermine any confidence I have in mantic improving its products and delivering what they promise going forward.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I wouldn’t dare to presume I knew what Ronnie really believed. That would entail being in his mind, which sounds like a scary place 😉

      • eriochrome says:

        Well hopefully in their new hires they found some type a people to get them properly organIzed. Not sure if a type a person would survive at mantic or just quit in frustration. Not heard good things about the warpath pledge manager like it wanting to charge someone 12 dollars shipping for their pdf rulebook only pledge.

        • Mantic fanboy says:

          Well I didn’t like what mr Renton posted. Id take first part of that post as an insult. I dont get why Mantic reprint only typos not corrected/clarified rules not to mention missing material like scenarios and background. Game is collorfull nice components and minis, fast simple rules but many games have it too. AC was suppose to take DS to another level but instead of that it feels like beta or draft. That means only that DS is still only WHQ clone.

  17. Quirkworthy says:

    Thanks for those comments. I’ve passed them onto Mantic for their updated version.

  18. Westward says:

    Just a quick question. Is this a newer version if the AC than the revised version that is currently in retail? Because u thought that was the revised version.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I’m not entirely sure. My impression was that they were making any last corrections that had been found before sending it off to reprint. Like every other publisher, they will probably make corrections every time they are needed. Many people do this without mentioning the fact.

      The AC pdf I put up was the best available at that time. if they can improve on that then I’d guess that there will be an even better version 🙂

  19. Davet says:

    Have they already done a reprint of some sort? My copy has none of the see page XXX issues or the sylph/salamander issue

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Sounds like they must have done 🙂

    • eriochrome says:

      Mantic did a reprint for the preorders and retail release and delayed the ac release a few weeks to switch the books out before shipping. Shipping the books as they were to retail customers with fully covered rights of return including full cost and return shipping would have led to to many returns. That they thought the book was acceptable to ship to kickstarter backers in the first place without a plan to address it pretty much tells me all I need to know about mantic.

  20. Raarb says:

    First off thanks for a great game which I can play with my kids, who really enjoy it. However, I am now a bit stuck with the uncharted dungeon as No stat lines exist for custom undead Boses in AC or am I missing something. There are for all the other races but not for undead. Please provide further information on what can be used or as to whether there will be a FAQ on this matter, thanks

  21. Nakano says:

    A little late – or not since the expansions are not official out yet – I noticed that there is inconsistency between feat description of Rordin and Tharn. Both have None Shall Pass -feat, but the description is written differently for each of character.

  22. babilon says:

    How come there is no Undead Boss creation table?

  23. Babilon says:

    Is advancemants for demon hunter works ? He gets +1 shooting dice but is it right? One attack dice?

    • Sam says:

      Especially as it say the minimum dice you roll at any time is 2…I think the first time you get a shooting dice (short or long) you get your base two, and then anytime after that it’s +1

      • not anyone says:

        You get 2 dice for the first choice and +1 die each addition choice since you just ignore the you can only pick itonce rule.

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