Notes From Limbo

When the year is this fresh, it’s customary to declare all manner of noble and ambitious goals for the forthcoming twelvemonth. “What are your New Year’s resolutions”, people ask.

My own custom is not to make them. They are seldom adhered to in any case, and my thinking is that a random date is unlikely to make me stick to something that the rest of my situation would not. Put another way: I know from experience that the change in year does not imbue me with heroic reserves of willpower that I otherwise lack.

For me, moving house is far more of a notable change in my circumstances, and is a much better trigger for thinking on new ways of working, new projects, and yes, (re)defining goals. Of course, the farce that is our current attempt to move continues to grind on unresolved, so we’re not quite there yet. A curse on solicitors (well, one of them at least)!

I do have a number of intriguing plans in mind, and some great projects I’ve signed up for. Just nothing to say yet 🙂



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12 Responses to Notes From Limbo

  1. Pikaraph says:

    Happy new year Jake ! I hope your new house is now finished.
    Will yo have time to post your DS FAQ update ?

  2. Santashelper says:

    I hope for you Jake to put up a good errata/faq for Dungeon Daga thats my NY wish 😉

  3. Sonny Boom says:

    Hehe i see were have same wishes for Jake.. Decent ds faq .. yessss 😀

  4. eriochrome says:

    Serious, if you do not think you are going to be able to get to an update of the faq in the next month or so I will do a rev on mine to clean it up and such and add to it. I understand if something is preventing you from doing it and you can just say you have some pressing deadlines for projects so you can pay the bills.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Thanks Erio. One way or another we’ll get a FAQ done in that time. I have a plan. Not my first choice, but it’s a plan.

      • eriochrome says:

        Well let us know what you can. Since mine is unofficial some people automatically disregard it, also there is not much point in me digging through like 300 comments findiing the questions and answering them if you just finish yours the week after. Also certain things I would just have to make up as there is no why to figure out the rai.

  5. mastertugunegb says:

    Yeah man, I send you my +1 Activation result, some Moves and if need be Fight and Shoot results from my Command Dice. I suppose a Special result might apply too. Just remember that if you do use any of the Fight and Shoot results to get your building sorted, I never sent nuthin’.

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