A Bit More Lost Patrol

60010699005_LostPatrolENG01So now we have some more photos of the new version, courtesy of GW’s pre-order page.

What I find interesting is that they’ve reused the original tile artwork. Pleased though. I’ve always been really fond of Nuala’s art, which conveyed exactly what I wanted for the deadly, spiky, green hell that is the jungle. When I find my original mock-ups you’ll see how good a job she did of translating my rambling into something really cool.

I remember that this was her first go at board game art and she was a bit nervous, though she’d no reasons to be. This time I’d been a little apprehensive myself about what they might replace it with, so I’m happy that they’ve kept her work in place.

Mildly amused that it’s more recycling. Recycling of a game that was, itself, designed to recycle stuff. Very green of them 🙂

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15 Responses to A Bit More Lost Patrol

  1. Marcel Ppik says:

    Yes – I like the tiles very much. Good they didn’t change them. Finaly I ll get the game in June – I will replace the models with something more ”in picture” and done.

  2. Teemu Hemminki says:

    Those tiles are awesome. Only thing that I didn’t like, was that only tangleweed, starting and ending tiles had special rules. Why those man-eating plants are not eating space marines?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      You got something against Space Marines?

      You’re right that I could have included a bunch of different varieties of nasty tile. I was mainly trying to keep it as simple as possible, plus the scouts have enough trouble winning as it is. At least, they used to. This may all have changed with the new version. My take was always that a Death World should be really, really dangerous, so it was. Call me old fashioned…


  3. Marcel Ppik says:

    Mr. Jake – I would really like to know how U imagine the Lurkers. some pictures for inspiration would be nice please

    • Quirkworthy says:

      The counter art that Nuala did is pretty much spot on: ferocious-looking sets teeth and claws lurking in the shadows. Not got a copy to hand to take pics at the mo.

      If this was a movie, they’d always be slightly out of focus, moving too fast to be seen properly, or partly out of shot, disappearing as you turn to look. They’re far nastier when you don’t see them clearly as they work off your imagination, which can be a scary place. That’s why it’s a shame they’ve replaced the counters with models. Entirely to be expected though.

      • Marcel Popik says:

        I know what U mean by not showing the enemy. There was old moviewhich had exactly this aspect – low budget, but I liked it when I was young becaus eof atmosphere. Split Second – with Rutger Hauer. Im really thinking of to do the lurkers by myself now.

  4. Marcel Popik says:

    LOL – that was the good one.

  5. mbss says:

    Table Top gaming news put up a review of the new version. Cannot exactly tell if the rules are different having played neither version myself as it was released in my GW dark period. They seemed to like it better than GWs other new 30K/40K boardgames.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have a read.

      I’ve asked for a review copy, but I’ve not heard back yet. If/when I get one I can tell you what’s been changed.

      • mbss says:

        I like gw’s price point for this game but I like many people have more scouts and genestealers than we really need now. Maybe people will part it out and sell the game part for a significantly lower than the 48 dollar standard discount rate for the whole set.

  6. mbss says:

    I tried both the original rules and the new rules. New rules are bad. Original game was hard and not balanced but the new version is just stupid. Essentially roll 6 each turn (on 1 die) or lose a scout (or make not progress). Sometimes you can get to 5+ with HB support (still 1 die).

  7. Leeroy says:

    Hi, did you ever review the new version?

    I have had it for a few years, tried the white dwarf Terminator rules and scout special weapon rules but these are obviously a after thought as the rules in the box were ridiculously hard.
    Recently i found your original rules which i find much better.
    I really like lost patrol. I love the jungle revealing itself and disapearing. Nice work!

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Thanks Leeroy.

      No, I never played the new version. I did buy it, just never got around to putting it on the table. At least, not so far. So many games to play!

      The game was intended to be much harder for the SM player than the Lurkers. That’s not a mistake. What I did do wrong was I failed to make that design choice clear in the rulebook, right at the start. The difficulty is absolutely intentional though. My aim was to evoke a little of the feeling of a Deathworld, and the clue is in the name: you go there, you die. Survival isn’t supposed to be easy! To make it an even fight would have made a mockery of the setting, and as ever, I wanted to tell a story.

      To make it balanced, you were supposed to swap sides and play both ways. It’s a quick enough game for that.

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