Paris In The The Spring Time

Been away; back now 🙂


Just returned from a flying visit to Paris for work. Didn’t see much of the city itself, though I did manage to sneak out and meet up with my old friend Leonidas from Ravage. He’s up to all sorts of interesting things these days, having stepped back from the day-to-day running of the magazine. The big thing he’s doing is a new edition of a game called Mythic Battles, and I have to say that it’s looking rather splendid. As the designer Benoit was also there, I persuaded them to give me a quick demo game, and was duly slaughtered by a combination of my overenthusiastic boldness, and Benoit’s far superior skill. As usual, being trounced was an excellent teacher, and I learned some important lessons about the game. It was fun too.

Mythic Battles is an interesting mix of styles of play, fought out with miniatures over a board. And they’re lovely miniatures (have a look at their Facebook page). Leo generously gave me a box of various samples to show you guys, and I’ll be going through that when I’ve unpacked my bag.

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4 Responses to Paris In The The Spring Time

  1. Pikaraph says:

    Hi Jake !
    Mythic Battle will be a killer !
    There’s a Mythic Tour in France where you can play the game and meet Leo and his mates. Can’t wait to pledge for the game next november !!

  2. Sam Dale says:

    I see what you did did there.

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