Hectic Time

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, what with the UK Games Expo and all. Still sorting through the fallout from that before I post an AAR. I’ve also been along to several gaming sessions, including some very interesting playtest stuff. Seems like there’s more going on in the North East gaming scene than there was in Nottingham, which is nice for me 🙂

My brain’s also been in inventive form, with 4 new game ideas roughed out this week. But before I get on with them, I need to finish off a bunch of loose ends including the DZ and DS FAQs. The DZ2 FAQ is finished, I think, and should be posted very soon. I’ll link that when it’s up. That was processed very quickly, so I’ll be using some of that model to speed the resolution of the DS stuff.

I’m also slightly changing the way I work and what I’m doing – more of which over the next few weeks. All intriguing stuff for me, at least 🙂


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3 Responses to Hectic Time

  1. mbss says:

    Are you on the Dreadball 2.0 that Mantic announced today as a new kickstarter for July?

  2. Nakano says:

    I’m thinking of playing some Dungeon Saga campaign through with custom characters. The base game campaign has skill specific requirements (wizard), but would one of the expansions work better? Or maybe the delayed without notice digital campaigns if they were constructed with custom characters in mind. The character creation part is the most interesting concept of Adventure Companion, but I’m too old to build custom campaigns and was hoping to use a pre-made one.
    If you ever get to create 2nd Edition, please make the Adventure Companion truly shine in all aspects (especially co-op) and allow random treasures. The decision of allowing only fixed loot is a little disappointing. A separate loot deck might have worked.

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