Plans Not Surviving Contact With Reality

A small hiccup yesterday, with Real Life getting in the way of what I needed to do here. All under control now. At least, as much under control as it can be. So no panic.

Apologies to anyone who might have been anticipating the first of my posts on illustration and digital art yesterday. That will have to wait till next week when I should have more to show you as well.

Other than that, things continue apace, with plenty going on behind the scenes. Next week should now see the first whole week of all 3 regular posting slots. Once that settles in I can get ahead with the writing, which will avoid the odd Real Life hiccup getting in the way of regular broadcasts.

So no need to adjust your sets.

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2 Responses to Plans Not Surviving Contact With Reality

  1. Jared (Golden) Fulcher says:

    I’m glad you were able to get things fixed.

    TBH, I was expecting a blog on how sometimes your best Primary World-Building pieces turn out to be absolute rubbish when you try to work with them in the Second World-Building phase. But I guess that is just me not thinking outside the box or letting my expectations run away with me. XD

    I hope things continue to get better for you sir, and I look for ward to your next article!

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Thanks Jared.

      You raise an interesting point, and that can definitely happen. Also, you’ll often find that things you didn’t realise you needed in the PWB turn out to be vital in the SWB, and you have to go back and fill them in. This is a natural consequence of being a creative individual: the creativity doesn’t stop, and you have more and perhaps better ideas as you work, and as you revise. I think that we have to accept that creativity is a messy business, and go with it. Still, attempting to have some structure is a good thing. Just don’t expect it to apply perfectly to real life every time 🙂

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